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M/S SMØLA (I) (1959)

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    M/S SMØLA (I) (1959)

    This is a picture postcard from the then owner company, MRF of the very first ferry/cargo boat used in the Kristiansund-Smøla-Hitra-Frøya and return route from 1959 to 1967.
    She also sailed Kristiansund-Trondheim as a reserve boat in 1966. (Note the design and lines)

    Photo: MRF/via Fjordfähren in Norwegen

    Then, a few days ago, I spotted close to these lines and design moored over at Vågekaia quay in the port of Kristiansund.
    It was SØRØY from Hammerfest, former Finnmark Fylkesrederi (Boreal Transport).

    Note something special? Yes, the familiar MRF-coloured funnel!

    This is how she looked yesterday..., with her funnel all painted in the old MRF sheme!

    So now to the WHY??

    Norsk Skipsfartshistorisk Selskap Nordmøre (Norwegian Historical Ship Society dept. Nordmøre) will, based on a question from the owners and captain, make a roundtrip from her old ferry quay (a few meters back from her stern in the last picture there) to Smøla, Hitra, Frøya and back as a historical one and only sailing. There will be a lecture on board as she sail across Talgsjøen about the old fjordboats we had here in the old steam days and there will be coffee and the traditional MRF snack 'Svele' to purchase.

    They say she will be in Kristiansund for about a month before sailing abroad to yet new owners. If this isn't history, I don't know what is.

    Date and time: 12. March 2016 at 0900 local time departing Kristiansund. Arriving Kristiansund again on the return is set to around 1700 local time.
    Price: NOK 100,- (If a large crowd want to go, members of the society has priority.

    I suppose, you will join this trip? Have fun and post some interetsing pictures...
    Lofoten '07 ...... Nordnorge '11


    • Sterkoder
      Sterkoder commented
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      Oh, it's not the money..., it's the "chemistry" between certain people in the society and me. I don't like it when I help people out as in giving them the little finger, and them ending up eating my entire hand..., if you see what I mean. We all have certain people we don't go along with, and there are a few of them on this roundtrip. Sadly.
      This is how I'm constructed...., if someone don't take NO for an answer, and try to exploit me, I completely withdraw from a project.
      So that's why I have second thoughts about going, not the other people, not the roundtrip, certainly not the boat and not the price...

    • nari
      nari commented
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      Sterkoder, I know what you mean about the chemistry- sometimes it is just not worthwhile undergoing something where one knows it will be a clash of personalities or similar.

    • Ralf__
      Ralf__ commented
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      I remember you told me a lot about this relationship. It is a pity, since you are so interested in these topics, but it is a hobby or passion and it should be fun. So follow your inner voice, it will be the right decision.