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Global Positioning System (GPS)

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    Global Positioning System (GPS)

    Just about everything and everybody is dependent on GPS in their daily life. It is free to use, reliable, problem free and available 24/7 all over the world.
    Or is it? For most casual users that is probably true. If your Smartphone, Camera or even the car navigation system loose GPS signals, or gets corrupted signals, it is not a life threatening event.
    But where it is used to guide, or even control, ships, air crafts or other critical operations, it can cause catastrophes.

    GPS jammers can now be bought cheaply over the internet, but those have limited range and can cause only local disruptions. Military jammers can cause more wide ranging loss of signals, or even cause wrong signals to be sent to unsuspecting receivers. An example is the situation in Finnmark recently:

    Another problem is that GPS is getting old, using old and outdated technology and not able to handle all the data that is generated. Every so often it is necessary to do a "rollover" to free up space, which can cause, especially old receivers to malfunction.
    The next "rollover" is due on 06. April, 2019 and warnings are being issued to warn "professional" users:
    So be warned, if you have an old GPS receiver, it may not function properly after 06. April.
    Time to buy a new one, preferably one that can also use the Russian GLONASS and the European Galileo system, just in case Trump should decide to shut down access to GPS for foreigners.