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Navigational signs and their meaning.

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    Navigational signs and their meaning.

    There are an International standard of sort for navigational markers, buoys and other aids to navigation, but it is not fully implemented everywhere.
    Just like road signs, some nations insist on having their own system, or at least add on some signs to suite their special requirements.

    In Norway they also have special requirement, hence some very special signs. Here is one of them:

    OK, OK, you cannot make special signs for everything, so for "Swimming Reindeers Crossing" you just borough one from the road department.
    Who know - or care about - the difference between an Elk and a Reindeer anyhow???

    PS> This thread can be useful for more serious postings later.

    I understood the reindeer were now transported by an Army-like transporter between seasonal grazing places. I love the sign, though.


      A clever use of a little known visual effect that I had never heard of:


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        Amazing... but i guess the visible angle and distance is much smaller than a traditional lighthouse signal changing from green to red.

      • Clipper
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        The presenter is Tom Scott.

        See more on his YouTube channel -

      This is not to replace lighthouses but traditional "leading light":

      "These are two lights, one above the other, designed to guide you into a harbour. The trick is to keep both lights lined up one above the other in order to stay in the safe water".