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Cruise-Chat memories on the SS Norway

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    Cruise-Chat memories on the SS Norway

    Some of us remember the shock of the Norway being sent to Alang, India in 2006. I never knew what Alang was until the ship got there. What made the Norway saga even worse was those who claimed to have the money to buy the ship. Yet, once it was clear that it wasn't meant to be, they vanished off the face of the Earth. I wondered how the ship might have performed if she was sold by NCL to Pullmantur Cruise Lines who was the only party interested in the ship before the Boiler explosion in 2003.

    Here is the link to the now closed SS Norway, Latest??

    It feels like it was only yesterday despite it being over six years old when we all had hope that the ship would get pulled off the beach of doom called Alang and towed back to Germany to be renovated into a hotel ship.
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    Re: Cruise-Chat memories on the SS Norway

    Indeed brings back a lot of memories and broken hopes...

    But, I think for most of the people who loved the ship, nobody wanted to realize that she was doomed when the boilers went... Neither did I... even I clinged to the hope that someone, somewhere, somehow... would come in and rescue her. In retrospect, and seeing the QE2 in waiting, I know it would have been an impossible task to keep her in any kind of service for an extended time.

    But then again, more parts of her should have been saved. For a future new-building of NCL, for the maritime museum at Oslo and for a monument (perhaps also in Oslo).... Parts could have been saved, interiors could have been saved.... and given the respect the ship deserved.
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