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    Originally posted by wherrygirl View Post
    You say "I had a dream to create the best English memorial site online for her". How do you see this taking shape? What would it contain, roughly?
    In my previous post, itself in answer to one of yours, I asked you the above, but have heard no more. Any thoughts?

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      Originally posted by wherrygirl View Post
      In my previous post, itself in answer to one of yours, I asked you the above, but have heard no more. Any thoughts?
      The contents I'm missing is stories on the unfinished pages, article styled. Such as for example "Pride of two countries": why the ship was a pride for two countries, what made her special, why was she so grand, how proud and how well known was the ship in the two countries she sailed for, emotions and as a symbol... For example...
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        Originally posted by pakarang View Post
        Indeed a very sad anniversary... and even till this day, it's hard to imagine that she is almost completely gone: spread out to some rich collectors all across the world.

        I so dearly wish she would have remained and that she would have sailed on, but I also understand that it would have been an almost impossible task (financially) to preserve her into some sort of static role. Especially with all the financial troubles the world has experienced the past few years.

        I frequently look back at old photographs of her and dream, dream of those days and all the memories I had on her for a decade.

        I also wish that her end had been a lot more glorious: a proper send off, and a proper retirement which would have been more appropriate for a such a national flag ship both for the Norwegian and French government for so many years.

        But they are just all that: my dreams.

        I also wish I could get a sudden burst of help to complete some more of her memorial pages on the CV main page... I had a dream to create the best English memorial site online for her, but I see now that doing so alone, is a loosing task as I do not have the time to do much more. I might have to delete all those unfinished pages on the main page, and let her stories disappear into history in the same way the ship eventually did. It's amazing how many people who have an experience with this ship but how few have stepped forward to offer some stories and information (that's my rant for today).
        Do not give up your to properly document the story of the SS Norway. I now agree that to preserve her was next to impossible, considering all of the changes that NCL had made to her since 1979. Had NCL kept her as the SS France while replacing all 8 of her original boilers for diesels, and upgrading her plumbing and electrical systems, the ship might have been saved in the same manner as the SS Rotterdam. Although, the MV France would have been best served in the highend cruise arena, like the QE2. Thus, the QE2 and the MV France could have been friendly rivals on the open seas.

        Realistically, I do feel that the best way to have saved the SS Norway was in 1990. Rather than waste a fortune with the installation of those upperdecks to her surperstructure, that money should have been used to replace the ship's remaining 4 boilers for diesel engines, plumbing/electrical systems, and the removal of the asbestos. Had NCL had chosen that option, the SS Norway would be with us today. The boiler explosion could have been prevented. If NCL had cared so much about the SS Norway, they should have either sold the ship or fix her up in a manner that was similar to the QE2 when its boilers were replaced with disel engines.


          The explosion could also been prevented if 1they were properly maintained 2repaired properly 3 if operating procedures from the manufacturer had been followed 4 if proper water chemistry had been followed. The Norway,s boiler ruptured do to shoddy maintenance shoddy repair failure to follow water chemistry guidelines and the heating and cooling of the boilers too quickly. which weakened the boilers. Also the sliding support feet were not lubricated which caused them to become frozen which means they could not move as the boiler expanded and contracted which caused those boilers to become over stressed it's in the NTSB report.if N.C.L didn't want to maintain and operate those boilers the proper way they should have replaced them with diesels.The Norways boiler problems seem to get progressively worse during the last decade she was in service. there were even proposals to reengine or reboiler her during one of her drydockings. the waterwall header ruptured because of a crack that had not been repaired instead someone melted copper into the crack possibly to hide it from inspectors again read the NTSB report. NCL and theres no way colin veich couldn't known about what was going on with those boilers.
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