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    Wonderful, Tommi. Gestumblindi is right with his opinion, but we all know about the possibilities being on board. So as long as Hurtigruten won't engange you for a trip and supply a helicopter to get the perfect advertisement video, this masterpiece remains as a terrific rememberance for all us experienced travellers. So good to see all the details and onboard views again. Thank you so much!
    Lofoten '07 ...... Nordnorge '11


      Hurtigruten UK tweeted your video this afternoon


      • Tommi
        Tommi commented
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        Thank you for notifying, great to hear about it.
        Soon HRG owe me a helicopter ride...

      • HurtigruteMartin
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        I think they owe you more than a helicopter-ride, Tommi. Off course the company knows very well that positive comments, nice pictures and well produced videos made by PASSENGERS, are way more valuable as PR, than the companys own commersial PR. And the company knows very well HOW to use us for their own good. So keep up your beautiful visual production, Tommi, so Mr Hegnar & co can earn more money.......... And by the way. Your video used in Hurtigruten UK tweet, is indeed a masterpiece. I LOVE it.

      We are all so very PROUD of you Tommi.
      As an aside, seeing that helicoper type footage in professional videos has been mentioned earlier in this thread, it is actually not impossible in-house here at CVF! Our Captain has one of those Quadcopter drone flying camera thingies. There could be a Tommi-pakarang co-production filmed along the Trondheim fjord!


        LOFOTEN was the Christmas vessel in Kristiansund this year

        In the old days, offshore vessels were smaller..., but with todays size of these types, LOFOTEN becomes small tucked in between...

        And note; no home port painted on the stern no more


          Surely a nice place to spend the christmas in!
          What do they have on the foredeck, an extra FRB?


          • Sterkoder
            Sterkoder commented
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            I guess so. They have one on the port side fore deck too..., but I think they are just concidered cargo.

          MS Lofoten in Aalesund on North today:

          No ISPS fence here:

          The tide is falling so the gangway will need to be raised to the deck above:

          Or so the forklift driver thought, but not everybody thinks so:

          Back where it came from:


            Decorated for X-mas:

            Some cargo loading action, the old fashion way:

            The near Pakarang view:


              Well I have my confirmation now :-). 19th February-1st March on MS Lofoten, Bergen-Kirkenes-Trondheim. Very excited! I have sailed on MS Nordstjernen before but only ever visited Lofoten in port.


                Great to hear about your travel plans GraemeD. I was on board at the same time period last year and really enjoyed it. You'll miss Lofotens 50th birthday with a couple of days. It's on the 5th of March if I'm not incorrectly informed.

                Just saw this morning that Hurtigruten starts 2014 on their Facebook page by sharing my video from last winter, it seems to be popular indeed.


                  Graeme! How thrilling! I've no doubt you'll have a marvellous time, and if Tommi will just stop blushing for a moment you'll get in the mood right away watching his wonderful video.


                    I've already seen it, it's amazing. I may watch again though :-)


                      Will anyone be around the ports on the route during those dates :-)?


                        Hurtigruten is searching photos, partizipants can win a cruise!



                          There should be a wealth of great photos and photographers here!

                          Thank you for the tip, Eilun!
                          With best regards from Jan-Olav Storli

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                            Seems like GraemeD have to change the plans a little bit.
                            MS Lofoten cancelled Bergen - Ålesund.