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    The latest news about Framfrom Hurtigrutenhas left me sad, crying. It's like I felt about Nordkapp all over again.
    The Fram page on their website has a heading "To be refurbished in 2020", although at least they have the grace to then more accurately say that "the ship will receive a total makeover – and reemerge as a brand-new expedition ship".

    Yes, it's to be another new Modern Scandinavian Look makeover, despite the paragraph describing her present appearance - immediately above on the website - declaring "We are very proud of the art commissioned for MS Fram – local artists from the Arctic have contributed to making her a modern masterpiece".

    Of course engine changes to new technology are admirable. I'm also absolutely fine with new modern interior design styles for new ships (Spitsbergen included, apart from my pet design hate of the fashion for using piles of books as decor rather than things to pick up and browse!). I'm very much looking forward to the new explorer ships Amundsen and Nansen. But couldn't Fram just remain the beautiful ship she is, a ship with soul and character, and occupy a unique niche in Hurtigrutens fleet?

    Link to a YouTube videoabout the makeover:-


    • Ralf__
      Ralf__ commented
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      I have to say that Finnmarken during our summer ship also appeared as a ship with remarkable "used" traces, so a refurbishment makes some sense. Out of some cad animations we will not be able to see, how she will look like. Let us hope that the art will fin it's way also into the new design. Generally we can discuss about the look. Should it be more ultra modern or classical - like most of the passengers? But that is at least a question of taste, in the end i would be quite happy, if there is a remarkable difference to the overwhelming and tasteless bing bling on Carnival, Costa or MSC ships. The Ponant look for example is distinguished, but modern. So give them a chance.

    Thanks Ralf. Of course 'refurbishment' of general wear and tear after some years of use is needed, in ships, hotels, restaurants and any such space. That is why I always differentiate in use of English expressions between such necessary regular upkeep, and the 'total makeover' where interiors are removed and replaced by the completely new style interiors.

    I'm totally with you in describing the modern Ponant look as "distinguished", Ralf, even though I only know it from photos. Yves has actually travelled aboard borh Ponant and Hurtigruten ships including Fram, so it will be great to have his input on developments.

    Hurtigruten's New Arctic Modern Scandinavian décor has seemed to me more forced concept than character compared with Ponant's tasteful modernity. But I have the feeling that in a purer form, (minus the 'retro' elements and hopefully without those piles of books!), it should work well in the two brand new Explorer ships.

    Just keep your makeover urges well away from my dear Trollfjord though, please Hurtigruten!


    • yvneac
      yvneac commented
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      First of all, I have to say I never compare Ponant with Hurtigruten, Both of them have their own charms and their little drawbacks but the main difference is that Hurtigruten are working ships whereas Ponant are pure cruising ships. Thus, boarding for a voyage along the Norwegian coast means, without any doubt (for me) choose Hurtigruten.
      About the decor, as says Ralf, it is a question of taste.
      When you say Ponant is distinguished, I agree, the interior designers have made a good job, aesthetic but not showy, stylish but not flashy.
      Aboard Fram we are in another world*: more rustic and warmer. The French expression «*être au coin du feu*» ( to be by the fireside*; in English?) fairly describes what I felt there.
      I hope she will not be refurbished in the same way the 90's ships are. The goal seems to give an «*actual Scandinavian look*» but in my opinion the result appears more as an «*international compromise*» than a real reinterpretation of Scandinavian design.
      Anyway Fram is so cosy and hearty that I would be very nostalgic if she loose her soul.

    • nari
      nari commented
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      I totally agree with that, Seagull.

    • Clipper
      Clipper commented
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      Cecilia, thank you for your answer.

      Injecting my own thoughts on decor, I would not be at all unhappy if Hurtigruten decided, at some point, to adopt the Gustavian style which Serenissima (ex-Andrea, ex-Harald Jarl) currently enjoys. I have openly admired it before here on CV. Of course, that would be a difficult decision for Hurtigruten to make; Gustavian is of Swedish origin, not Norwegian, and some would find it unacceptable to overtly "copy" another company's design. Maybe there's a historic Norwegian style that I'm not yet aware of, which could be adpoted? Who are the historians amongst us?

    An interresting video about Fram.