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    La Marina in XIXth when the sea arrived to the street.


      Verry interesting report of palces i have never seen before. I am enjoying this!!
      Lofoten '07 ...... Nordnorge '11


        Thanks Ralf.

        Some additional views from La Coruna.

        The city hall

        Narrow streets.

        Santa Maria del Campo

        Fram as seen from the old town

        A place to break off


          Call 3
          Gijon,in the province de Asturias.
          The ship birthed in the harbour of commerce with the Cantabricas mountains in the background,Picos de Europa are more than 2000 meters high.


            As usual Hurtigruten was well organized with shuttles going from the harbour to the city center (about 15 minutes drive)

            Maybe I would never have gone to Gijon without this opportunity, but I must admit it is a interresting place. Nice, cool,charming.

            The paseo along the beach of San Lorenzo


              Arquitectura barroca
              Palacio Revillagigado

              Y modernista


                Life is so much fine when you have a place...
                to sit on....

                to read...

                to chat.


                  Call 4
                  In Bilbao the weather was awful.
                  A part of the passengers went for an excursion to Geitxo and the transporter bridge.
                  As for Françoise and me, we prefered to return to the old town and the Guggenheim museum.
                  To see more about Bilbao, you can have a look to my journey in 2012:

                  Fram berthed in geitxo.A view to the transporter bridge.


                    Call 5

                    Strange feeling to call at a home port, read and hear again in French. Members of the tourist office were onboard to distribute city maps and give some information about the area, so we chatted with them. The vocation of Lorient harbour is mainly commercial but since a while, they try to develop an activity with cruise companies. It was the first ship to berth this season and the first time Fram docked there. On that occasion, the local authorities were onboard to visit and welcome the Captain and its crew. Steffen, our tour leader was their guide, his perfect French being highly handy! The speech in English by the delegate of the municipality was perfectly understandable....…by Françoise and me.
                    Even though Lorient is not an exciting city (destroyed during theWWII, badly reconstructed) its surroundings have a lot to offer, from Port- Louis to Carnac or Vannes and the nice coast of Brittany. As for us, since we stayed many times in this region, we would prefer to call at Nantes or Brest. Next time…

                    Before Lorient we crossed the isle of Groix.

                    Entrance of the harbour


                      Flag of Brittany (yes it has its own flag.Showy!!)

                      Traditionaly dressed!



                        Wonderful cruise memories to many exotic and historic ports. Travelling (as in cruising) with the Fram to such places seems to be the perfect mode of transportation. I'm falling a bit in love with the Fram when looking at all these - and other - photos of and from on board the ship.
                        With best regards from Jan-Olav Storli

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                          For sailors who dock their boat in a harbour of the Channel, in Normandy or Brittany, the Scillies are an interesting destination, not too far but not so easy to reach, according to the currents, the winds that can be unsettled, and so on (yachtsmen will understand what I mean).
                          Years ago, even though I was not a good seafarer (just a modest crewmember in charge of cooking and cellar) I had the opportunity to do this crossing aboard a friend’s boat but unfortunately, the skipper had to cancel at the last minute. Another time I was close to the Islands, on the coast of Cornwall but no way to reach them due to the awful weather.
                          Therefore, to be here with Fram was a kind of revenge.
                          We had to anchor between the main islands and reach Saint Mary by shuttles, in fact local fishing boats, before wandering in the little village. Sun, blue sky…and one hailstorm, so we experienced the “Scillies climate” in one afternoon.



                          Leaving Fram


                            Enjoying the little village of Saint Mary.




                                Islets,rocks and sunset.