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    Cecilia, thank you for this account , and especially for the deck plan back at #1328. I haven't been here for a while and only just found it.

    321 certainly does have a cracking bathroom!
    Harald Jarl, Honningsvag to Svolvaer, Summer 1985.
    Deck plan geek.
    The first 5 days after the weekend are the toughest.


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      Clipper! - you found it before I'd got round to sending a Deck Plan Geek alert!
      I think that's it for deck plans, but I'll continue with the day-by-day photos of and from the ship as soon as I get back to 'normal'.

    Day 5 – 4th October 2017 – Bonifacio, Corsica, France.

    It was my first visit to Bonifacio, and indeed to Corsica. And what a visit - this is (yet another) example of the special experiences of cruising on a really small ship!

    Bonifacio is a fortress town sitting spectacularly on top of the high ground of a promontory which protects the sheltered harbour behind it.
    Even a modestly-sized cruise ship, such as Ponant's Le Lyrial that was also in town later that day, anchors and tenders her guests ashore. But Serenissima gets to make a grand entrance into the harbour and moor alongside at the ferry terminal. So I think it is well worth me illustrating this in perhaps rather more photos than I might normally include.

    I was up early and positioned on the foredeck observation platform as the ship rounded the headland, and as I looked back even managed to capture the lighthouse showing its light! Quite an achievement considering the distractions of the magnificent geology! - but there will be ample opportunity to scrutinise that later. Meanwhile I turned and looked forward at the silhouette of rocks and fortifications against the sunrise-reddened sky.
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        The lights of the ferry terminal come into view. There is Blu Navy's Ichnusa which operates across to the port of Santa Teresa di Gallura in Sardina. The ferry is said to have excellent seaworthiness in adverse weather crossing the strait, much due to its stabilisation system.

        Our arrival had been carefully timed to fit with the ferry's timetable.


          Serinissima is going to turn so will be port side alongside and facing in the correct direction for departure.

          Only after I've seen us tied up do I even think about breakfast!


            By the time I've had breakfast and gone ashore, a ferry of the competing line Moby has arrived, loaded, and is about to depart!

            One of those motorised mini 'trains' has been organised to take us up to the town. (The word 'troll' would doubtless have come into it had we been in Norway, and I must admit thinking about a troll's face in profile earlier!) At the top I also joined the walking tour in a small group with a brilliant guide who strolled with us on a delightful route, exploring the narrow streets and taking us to the most interesting churches which I might otherwise have missed. I had sussed out a nice café stop, which kept D happy. While some chose to take the train ride back to the ship, a few of us reunited with the guide to return to sea level, enjoying breathtaking views on the way. Every possible combination of activities had been thought out to enable everyone to make the most of their morning in Bonifacio, which really felt like a long relaxing day. After saying goodbye to the guide, we sauntered along past the yachts in the marina where we chatted to a man and his son who had sailed to Europe from Melbourne, Australia! And I had more time to look at the rocks in detail.


            This photo was taken from the 'train' as it wound its way up to the town.


              How about this for a picture of Serenissima and the fortifications! (...and that 'troll-face' from the other side!)


                Back aboard.

                Naturally I'll be taking the late time for buffet lunch - it's now nearing time for departure, and that also involves more ferry-watching. Specifically the arrival of Moby's Giraglia.


                  As Serenissima pulls out from the quay, Giraglia makes her turn in front of us

                  We are ready to go, the ferry positions herself...

                  ...and we are are on our way.


                    More geological views...

                    ...and Serenissima emerges from the harbour and into the open sea.

                    A last look back at Bonifacio,with Le Lyrial at anchor. And so we are on our way to Naples, a distance of some 250 nautical miles.
                    But the pleasures of this wonderful day are by no means over.


                      After lunch Sea-Troll is in demand...

                      …and D is impressed by the engine room

                      He wasn't the only one. Serenissima has increasingly found her admirers, but another first-timer had actually been aboard before! He was thrilled at being able to visit the famous engine room, and everyone wanted to photograph the T-shirt!


                        I'll end with a few little 'arty' ’details from the engine room, the kind that might look good framed as a tryptych.


                          And finally the sunset at the close of a perfect day.


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                            Nice pictures,as usual Cecilia. Glad you enjoyed Bonifacio and had the chance to dock close to the Haute Ville.

                          You provide amazingly beautiful photos from your trip with "Serenissima" with pictures from land and on board.
                          Great to read that D was pleased with the engine room.
                          There is something special with these old ships that still have the original machine from they were new.


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                            Wonderful photos for us to ponder about, Cecilia - as usual. Serenissima still has her original HJ engines?? That is impressive.

                          Such an amazing report about this interesting port call. Fitting into this small port between the ferry traffic is really thrilling. They did a great choice, when they decided for this call. Perfect!
                          Lofoten '07 ...... Nordnorge '11