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    It's time for drinks in the Andrea Lounge with the Captain and officers, and now some speeches.

    Time too to thank the cruise directors, and, here, our brilliant lecturer.

    Splendid speech and now a toast from our Captain.


      And so to dinner...


        A refreshing sorbet. There was also a very tasty soup which missed getting photographed, so on to the lamb...

        ...and naturally there will be a dessert to follow!


          Ah, here it comes!

          The Cruise Director applauds the Hotel Manager and her staff...

          ...and there's a proud and happy Captain.


            The Baked Alaska to round off the meal.


              Day 18 – Departure day – au revoir, Serenissima!

              Next morning. The luggage is being offloaded.



                As the buses set off for the airport, I have my camera pressed to the window for this last glimpse of the ship.

                And so my 'trip report' of this voyage finally comes to an end.

                Jan-Olav's marvellous account of Serenissima’s maiden voyage described, of course, a unique and privileged opportunity. Although I think the ship may have had an individual charter from Casablanca to the Canary Islands immediately following my cruise, her time appears to be dominated by a very extensive and varied programme of cruises already scheduled throughout 2015 and 2016 for Noble Caledonia. So I hope I have managed to communicate the flavour of their cruise style here in the ship's thread in my idiosyncratic 'feel you’re there' sort of way.

                This is also why I posted here in the ship's own thread where it may more easily be found than in a separate ‘trip report’. Next time I'll most likely just post ship photos here.

                Ummm... what did I just say? Yes, sounds like that's a 'when', not an 'if'’, doesn’t it! - an "au revoir" rather than a "goodbye" to Serenissima.

                Or as another well known saying has it... "I'll be back".


                  It has been such a pleasure to follow you and Serenissima around the Mediterranean sea. Lot's of feel good places and pictures. Thank you so much for sharing!


                    May i say, that this is one of the most enjoyable trip reports we ever had on CV? That was great and your decision was right to put this in the ships thread, so it will be a pleasure for anyone who ist interested in the ship. And yes, i have this "feel i'm here". Thank you very much!
                    Lofoten '07 ...... Nordnorge '11


                      She doesn't need to worry about competition from the Queens and Oasis type of ships. Those who think that big is better wouldn't look at this little ship at all, while those who look at the big ships as floating shopping malls with hotel facilities are still enough to fill this one for the foreseeable future, I hope.

                      Nice trip, even with the complications and deviations due to weather and politics. Where to next???


                        Wonderful trip report from the Serenissima..... and yes, Captain Padjen certainly is a whole lot more photogenic when compared to me.

                        With best regards from Jan-Olav Storli

                        Administrator and Owner of CaptainsVoyage.
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                          Thank you all for more wonderful comments. Tommi and Ralf have me blushing but absolutely delighted to have pleased. And this is also the perfect moment to thank every single one of you that have followed the voyage with me.

                          My cunning plot to distract attention from a couple of “selfies” certainly worked - hahahaha back to you pakarang! ...I'm declaring "photogenic captain" a draw! (though you may be slightly ahead ...278 likes of your profile picture on FB can'’t be wrong!!!!!! )

                          Ombugge’'s "Where to next???" might refer to Serenissima or myself! Better keep an eye here in Serenissima's thread and also in "Seagull away a while" to be sure of keeping track in the weeks and months to come!


                            While I was busy posting my photos, Serenissima has been across in central America. She actually went through the Panama Canal and back on more than one of her cruises, and I did manage to grab some webcam pictures.

                            Here is the ship at Miraflores on the 20th January 2015:




                              7th February 2015 - early morning at Miraflores.

                              Later that same day Serenissima reached Gatan locks, and I picked her up on both the webcams:


                                Well, Serenissima has since returned across the Atlantic, and is currently at Ponta Delgarda, Sao Miguel. On Thursday, 23rd April, her next guests fly out to join her on a 9 night island hopping adventure of the Azores.

                                Here she is this morning on the live webcam:


                                I am currently sorting out all my various informations, and will report back here - especially when she reaches possible shipspotting locations for some of our CVF members.