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    Quote Ralf:
    Originally posted by Ralf__ View Post
    This is a "smurf"....
    Haha ,,,well I was never hugely into smurfs! I mostly remember that there was a particularly irritating song that was impossible to escape from one Christmastime!

    BUT ...did you know this is actually not the only time a smurf has been seen on CVF, and I did like this one (second photo #37/2}. There was also this, (sticking his red tongue out rather like Sea-Troll does!)

    But now there are minions

    Originally posted by pakarang View Post
    I loved the yellow mini-me....
    Oh pakarang, I should have looked to see if that ice-cream cafe had yellow B-A-N-A-N-A ice-cream!!!!


      I took this through the window of the bus while waiting for folk in front of me to collect their belongings. (As you see, when the programme of the day says “take you back to the ship” it really means it!). Immediately back onboard, and lunchtime!

      Serenissima’s departure from Syracuse felt really special. It was the first departure in daylight, and the sunny weather enhanced that sail-away feeling. Everyone seemed in a good mood, although I felt a bit sad to be leaving Sicily.

      As the pilot boat left us, I got a ‘pakarang view’ of Punta Magnesi , which had been my first view in Syracuse and now also my last!


        I'd taken my after-lunch coffee out on the aft deck, and more guests were outside up on deck 6 also.

        And so, the coast of Sicily receded into the distance, everyone settled into his or her idea of a relaxing afternoon at sea!


          I had got talking to one guest, and when the conversation touched on the history of the ship it became apparent that Ann and her husband had cabin 602 - half of Harald Jarl's panorama lounge. She had commented on my early rising, having noticed me regularly out on the forward viewing platform well before breakfast time, and had even been concerned if I wasn't around! I explained that the aft decks were actually my nearest 'outside'. Well she invited me to see 602.


            I returned to my cabin on deck 4, and this is taken just outside it.

            ...and then I seem to have taken the quick outside route forward. As I wasn't disturbing any crew, I paused to take photos of the cross passage where day-passengers luggage used to be placed. I am facing aft with my back to the door to where reception used to be, and here am looking starboard...

            ...and here to the port side. It is apparent that those walls which look faint on the deck plan actually exist.
            (You may want to refer back to the deck plan #656/2).

            Here I've gone inside, as if entering the old reception hall.


              Back outside I've taken the view along starboard, and in the distance is the way up to the foredeck.

              Now I'm up on the foredeck, and looking back down the stairs.

              I'm not exactly sure where I took this photo.


                I seem to have been exploring Deck 4 forward, and here I even took a 'selfie'I - though it is really to show the attractive mirror and the painting reproductions in the corridors.


                  Later I'm up on Deck 6 and taking light and shadows in the sunlight.

                  Such a delightful afternoon at sea! At some point that afternoon, Kate gave lecture, dramatically entitled "Carthage must be destroyed" ! - the call of the Romans, whose victory over the Carthaginians at the siege of Carthage around 146 BC ended the Punic Wars and gained the Romans control of the Western Mediterranean Sea.


                    My next photos shows Sea-Troll meeting Vadym, the chief barman…
                    ...and also introducing himself at the Reception desk!


                      Looking down from the bridge wing you can see that a number of guests had discovered the sun beds, and were enjoying the sunshine well into the afternoon.

                      My last photo that day. Idyllic seas, as Serenissima heads towards Tunisia.


                        As always your trip report is a delight Seagull. Someone earlier mentioned that you give us a feeling of "being there" and that's exactly how I feel. Thank you for taking the care of showing us every corner of the ship, so exciting to visit it with you and comparing the deck plan to reality. And of course the pictures of the places you have visited are so great (I already enjoyed some of them as you posted them on FB along the way, really nice to see them here in larger version and better quality. I am particularly in awe in front of your "Sicilian night under a stormy sky" masterpiece!).
                        The ship and the trip sound like a dream.
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                          Wow! An exclusive view into cabin #602!! What a delight to have this cabin. But remember, this was a public salon and i would have a bad feeling using this space "private". Can you understand that? That is suche a nice walk over the ship. Watching all the passengers enjoying the sun and the calm sea looks like a very cozy atmosphere!
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                            Absolutely awesome new additions....

                            Your last image of post 831 intrigues me ... I think it might have been inside the forward housing on the former cargo deck ... behind where the crane used to be, and where the bar/gym is now located. Or perhaps not.... I just don't remember that stairs - which by the way looks a bit like a crew stairway?
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                              Originally posted by pakarang View Post
                              ....Your last image of post 831 intrigues me ... I think it might have been inside the forward housing on the former cargo deck ...
                              That was a possibility I'd also come to, having looked back at the deck plans and eliminated various other stairs! I did have a more thorough look around the deck house as the stack of loungers that were usually there were, as you see, being used. (I didn't see the bar used during the trip, nor the Jacuzzi.)
                              But another possibility is that my photo might be the other housing on that deck with what would be a crew stair, which I may well have peeped in if the door was wide open - see on the right of this photo #189 of of your maiden voyage trip report.
                              In either case the window could be the kind that is sometimes covered on the outside and so not always visible in general views of the ship.

                              I'm somewhat favouring the second location, though either would fit with the sequence and time of the photos I took immediately before and after - I do specifically remember almost not taking the photo and then turning back to do so because the light looked so nice coming through that window. Although the next photos were definitely the corridors in the forward half of deck 4, I am pretty sure I went back down to deck 4 the normal way via the outside stair, and then inside from there.

                              I do so love all these geeky details Haha …perhaps I can convince myself I deserve another cruise on Serenissima so I can definitively check this particular identification!

                              Added as edit: Further update! - just noticed that in that smaller deck housing (directly in front of the forward lounge) there is a window in the right place that can be seen in #736/3 which would have right direction of sunlight through it at the time I took the stair photo.
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                                Originally posted by Seagull View Post
                                Who is the gorgeous woman in the doorway opposite?

                                But wait - it's a mirror - Cecilia, it's you!!

                                I knew it all the time of course :-)
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                                • Seagull
                                  Seagull commented
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                                  Of course you did!!! ...spotted the seagull T-shirt!!!! (actually my photo on it is of the wooden seagull that my avatar comes from!)
                                  And no doubt you'll have worked out that the mirror is situated on the wall of cabin 410's bathroom, and I'm standing at that connecting passage to the main stair and lift.

                                • Tommi
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                                  The "thing" with this picture is that it's very much "you" that is portraited in the picture! Kudos!

                                • Clipper
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                                  Yes, it took me a while staring at the Deck Plan but I worked it out.