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    Our cruise directors were working in the library alcove, no doubt fine-tuning the arrangements for the following days. I was here to photograph that very special framed photo!

    That reminded me to look for the Trondheim maiden call plaque for the ship as Serenissima. It means a lot to me that I made it there to see her on that speciall 'homecoming' day.


      I don't have photos from the lecture, but here are my remaining photos from that enjoyable afternoon.

      This is the area that used to be the reception hall.

      Out on Deck 4...

      ...and I see why - I had spotted that railway ferry again.


        Finally to end a varied and enjoyable day, two after-dinner views.

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          It's so nice to feel that genuine touch of being there through your pictures.


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            So glad you are enjoying the cruise Tommi! All aboard ...the next port is only a relaxing 56 nautical miles away!

          Day 8 - Catania - and on to Syracuse

          I was out on deck as Serenissima approached the port of Catania next morning, and had taken this photo as the ship entered the harbour, but oh what a view awaited me from up on the bridge wing!

          Not only the city of Catania, but the magnificent sight of Mount Etna that had eluded us the previous day!


            That view captured, it was time to get out of the way of the activity on the bridge and I relocated to the forward viewing platform to watch us tie up at the quay.

            The pilot boat still seems busy...

            ...and the pilot onboard Serenissima and our Captain seem intent on keeping a watchful eye on something.


              Then all is explained! - Silver Spirit is fast approaching!

              ...and she is about to pass right in front of our bow!

              I was impressed that so many of her guests came out on their balconies to watch!


                Looking around at the port I spotted the cable laying ship Teliri, across at the far side of the complex of harbour and quays from Silver Spirit.

                But why not try a joined up panorama to show you everything in between!


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                  While I very much love to see details of different things, I was pretty impressed by that panorama view that kind of explained a lot of the location.

                So awesome! I miss the Serenissima!

                I'm so happy you had the chance to speak to the Captain! He is absolutely wonderful - truly a great seaman to which I have great admiration for. So glad that he still remembered me as well. Last time I spoke with him was on the VHF when we agreed to make a close passing on the Trondheimsfjord and blow our horns!

                Love all your photos, the Mediterranean charm and tranquility - and most of all, that you got to see my Christening Gift to the owner, the old image of Harald Jarl!
                With best regards from Jan-Olav Storli

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                  Originally posted by pakarang View Post
                  ....I'm so happy you had the chance to speak to the Captain! ....
                  Yes, and more so nearer the end of the cruise.

                  Originally posted by pakarang View Post
                  ....and most of all, that you got to see my Christening Gift to the owner, the old image of Harald Jarl!.
                  Of course I knew of this gift from your account of the maiden voyage, but I didn't know if it would be on public display. So I was so thrilled when I found it - made me feel so emotional, and such a perfect placing there in the corner of the Harald Jarl Lounge.


                    I liked how it was possible to walk through the port on foot from ship to town. I’ll show you this later, but first that morning the excursion buses came to collect us and take us on a drive around the town, and walking tour. I took some photos from the bus.

                    An impressive railway viaduct, Archi della Marina, separates the port from the city.

                    There are many remains of the Roman city, including this ampitheatre below the present day street level of the Piazza Stesicoro.


                      The statue at the other end of this square is of the opera composer Bellini, and the walking tour part of the excursion subsequently took us to the cathedral where his tomb is.

                      From the bus there were views of the opera house, called Teatro Massimo Bellini, where his operas are frequently performed.

                      Leaving the buses, we walked through a park and an 18th century archway to reach the cathedral square, Piazza Duomo.

                      Following volcanic eruptions and a catastrophic earthquake in the late17th century, much of the old town of Catania was rebuilt in baroque style, Grey-black local lava stone was used as building material, along with some limestone from nearby Syracuse.


                        In the centre of the square is a delightful fountain and statue of an elephant that wouldn't look out of place in an Asian city! The elephant is the symbol of Catania, and the reasons for this are a confusing mix of folklore and legends (and it is also worth noting that fossils of dwarf elephants are known from Sicily and other islands). Made of volcanic lava stone, the statue dates from Roman times with subsequent modifications when it was incorporated into the fountain, and surmounted by an ancient Egyptian obelisk of Aswan granite.

                        Elephant motifs are to be found all over the place, on buildings, lamp-posts...

                        There is a so much feeling and presence of local life in Catania that even here in the historic centre I scarcely noticed tourists.


                          One can't get more 'local' than at the nearby fishmarket.It's an extraordinary spectacle of hustle and bustle, smells, sights and sounds...

                          ...which you can look down on from over the railings of a higher level street terrace feeling as if you were in an upper tier at the opera house, before venturing down the steps and becoming part of the scene. But as the day programme sheet from the ship advised "Take care around the fish market - open-toe sandals not recommended"!

                          In a nearby corner is another fountain cascading into a channel of the river Amenano The river was forced underground when covered by the 1669 eruption of Etna, but continued to flow to the sea.

                          Old university buildings are set around another impressive square.


                            Interesting-looking streets and architectural delights abound in every direction.