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    24.03.2009 14:06

    Result of subsequent offerings of new shares and new bond loan

    Reference is made to the stock exchange notice sent
    this morning on 24 March 2009 regarding the result of
    the subsequent offerings of new shares and new bond

    The Company has received and registered subscriptions
    for a total of 78,666,033 new shares, and not
    78,612,633 new shares as previously announced. The
    increase was a total of 53,400 new shares, which
    inadvertently was registered in error.

    As a consequence, the Company's share capital will
    increase from NOK 341,593,130 to NOK 420,259,163
    consisting of 420,259,163 new shares each with a
    nominal value of NOK 1.00 subsequent the registration
    of the share capital increase in the Norwegian
    Registry of Business Enterprises, expected on or
    about 6 April 2009.
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      The annual report for 2008 can be downloaded here:

      I have to wait for the English version to write a comment here, but this report seems to be much more transparent than the last one. But our Norwegians can read and understand..
      Lofoten '07 ...... Nordnorge '11


        Looks like Hurtigrutens pages are down today, both the .com and .no addresses.
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          Edit: Whew, it's back now. Also discovered it, and for a minute there I got acute Trojan-horse-paranoia...

          I presently use a machine with Linux for surfing on the www, while editing pictures on my WIN machine...
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            Perhaps interesting news for our US-members...

            out of cruiseindustrynews:

            5/1/09 - Hurtigruten's Offers All-Inclusive Value Packages
            Hurtigruten, an industry leader in expedition cruising, has announced an all-inclusive option that makes booking a vacation on their most popular voyage route even easier. The company is now offering a value package for peak season departures of its Norwegian Coastal Voyage – combining the six-, seven- and 12-day cruises with airfare, hotel and transfers – for select cabins on an itinerary described by Lonely Planet as "the world's most beautiful voyage." These packages add one night in Bergen and Oslo or one in either, extending the trips to nine and 14 days, and are valid for new bookings made by June 30 on most departures between May 1 and September 30. Prices based on double occupancy run from $2,359 to $4,129, depending on departure date and cabin choice. Airfare is from New York/New Jersey with add-ons from dozens of North American gateways priced from $100 to $360. Air fuel surcharges, air and cruise taxes and ticketing fees are included.

            The six-, seven- and 12-day voyages, aboard a modern Hurtigruten ship, take in Norway’s spectacular fjord-filled, 1,250-mile west coast between the charming Hanseatic port of Bergen and Kirkenes, close to the Russian border. The scenery changes from moment to moment as the ships make 34 port calls on the route, ranging from fishing villages in the rugged Lofoten Islands to Art Nouveau Alesund and bustling cities like Tromso and Trondheim. Optional shore excursions range from a get acquainted tour of Tromso and taking in the scenery of the North Cape in Honningsvag to a riverboat safari in Kirkenes, a taste of Lapland, and a Lofotr Viking Feast; excursions can be booked before departure. The day in Bergen can be spent amongst an array of attractions and entertainment, from the Bergen Art Museum, with more than 9,000 works of art, and St. Mary’s Church – the oldest building in Bergen and one of the greatest examples of Romanesque architecture – to fine dining at leading gourmet restaurant Finnegaardstuene. While in Oslo, sights include a dozen quirky museums, one of the most popular being the Viking Ship Museum, plays at the National Theatre – many of which are presented in English – and many small shops selling unique Norwegian jewelry and other treasures.

            Offer is capacity controlled and cannot be combined with any other discount or promotion except the Lay-Away Plan. Passengers wishing to extend their stay may do so with 2009 Coastal Cruises land add-ons.
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              Ralf--that is a REALLY good deal.....Dane--are you reading??? Martin???

              Someone fill me in on what constitutes a "quirky" museum in Oslo???


                In my dictionary "quirky" is translated with "schrullig", and that i can translate back with "funny, strange".
                Lofoten '07 ...... Nordnorge '11


                  The "numbers" for the first quarter of 2009 has been presented: the losses were some 130 million NOK, but 8 million NOK less than in same period last year.

                  Sadly, the roundtrip passenger bookings seem to have dropped some 4.7 % for the upcoming summer season.
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                    Originally posted by pakarang View Post
                    Sadly, the roundtrip passenger bookings seem to have dropped some 4.7 % for the upcoming summer season.
                    it almost seems like there is an emphasis on the north or south voyages above the round trip in the UK. If you look at the offers and also local advertising. Perhaps they think that the shorter voyages will sell better in the UK?


                      Here in our SWR radio station for the southwest of Germany they are sending radio advertisements these days. By post they send very attractive last-minute offers, but especially for the new ships and for Fram, which is anyhow out of Budget for me.
                      They will definitely also be hidden by the financial crisis (also my personal business is reduced by more than 60% these months...)
                      Lofoten '07 ...... Nordnorge '11


                        I believe HR lost a lot of customers when the two Antarctica ships were taken out of service. People don't like their trip being cancelled...

                        During the last two years there have also been so many irregularities on the coast that probably even more people have given up on HR.

                        But FRAM is doing her job and may be the most "secure card" of HR.


                          Here you can read in detail how they explain their results.


                          Interim results Q1 2009: Improved results, but weaker bookings

                          Highlights of the first quarter

                          · Results improved by NOK 80 million, loss of
                          NOK 133 million
                          · Booking per 1 May down by 4.7% from a year ago
                          · Continued chartering of MV Nordnorge
                          · Downsizing implemented, cost programme on
                          · Financial restructuring implemented

                          Improved results, but weaker bookings

                          The Hurtigruten service normally has a low occupancy
                          in the first quarter, but a stronger focus on winter
                          traffic and the Hunting the Light concept have
                          yielded substantial passenger growth over the past
                          four years. This expansion continued for the round
                          trip segment in the first quarter of 2009, although
                          the increase this year was weaker. Distance traffic
                          declined substantially, primarily because of
                          technical problems with a number of the ships during
                          the first quarter and lower production. The pre-tax
                          loss for the period was NOK 133 million, compared
                          with a loss of NOK 212 million in the same quarter of

                          The following factors explain the improvement in the
                          first quarter result from the same period of last

                          - NOK 42 million in increased revenues from the
                          public procurement contract
                          - A net contribution of NOK 30 million from
                          chartering MV Nordnorge
                          - NOK 27 million in sales gain from the travel

                          These items added up to an improvement of NOK 99
                          million. Lower volume and price for distance travel
                          and a reduced contribution from activities in
                          Svalbard pulled results down.

                          Operating loss before depreciation and amortisation
                          (EBITDA) were NOK 45 million higher than in the first
                          quarter of 2008.

                          Hurtigruten can feel the global market unrest and the
                          booking situation is more challenging than a year
                          ago. Per 1 May 2009 the round trip bookings for the
                          year are down by 4.7% compared with the same period
                          last year and with lower prices. The decline is big
                          in US, UK and France. The most important markets,
                          Germany and the Nordics, are on par with last year.

                          Structural changes continued in the first quarter.
                          The financial restructuring was put in place, and
                          downsizing and cost reductions were implemented in
                          the Nordic part of the land-based organisation. These
                          developments are described below in the status report
                          on the restructuring work.

                          A demanding year is faced in 2009. Global market
                          unrest means fewer passengers and lower prices.
                          Substantial market measures have been initiated and
                          will be further intensified to safeguard volumes as
                          much as possible during the year.

                          The new Polar Global booking system has been
                          introduced in the Nordic region, and the new
                          department in Tallinn (outsourced) is moving into
                          normal operation after a rapid but challenging start-
                          up phase. The downsizing programme is on schedule.
                          The next phase is in the UK/USA and Germany/rest of

                          Hurtigruten is a strong brand which stands among
                          tourists for real experiences in unique waters. For
                          residents along the Norwegian coast, Hurtigruten will
                          be a good provider of local transport and a freight
                          carrier they can rely on.

                          The combination of a cruise-like tourist product and
                          an everyday workhorse makes Hurtigruten special. This
                          is the special product which the company wants to
                          continue developing. Its commitment to shorter
                          voyages will be intensified through the better
                          availability via on-line booking and marketing

                          Winning the competition over a new tender for the
                          Bergen-Kirkenes coastal route when this is announced
                          will be important, providing the terms are
                          satisfactory and give scope for acceptable

                          The board believes it will take some time to create
                          satisfactory profitability in Hurtigruten,
                          particularly when the market is as difficult as it is

                          However, the financial platform which has been
                          created provides a good basis for implementing the
                          rest of the programme which is intended to yield a
                          focused and profitable Hurtigruten company. This
                          programme is being implemented as planned, and
                          restructuring will characterise the whole of 2009 and
                          part of 2010.
                          Lofoten '07 ...... Nordnorge '11


                            Some positive news for passengers: HRG promises many price-cuts on all kinds of travels with their ships. Translation available for those who wishes?

                            With best regards from Jan-Olav Storli

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                              Hurtigruten wants more Australasian business

                              Hurtigruten’s UK-based sales and marketing director Kathryn Beadle is on a ‘flying visit’ to Sydney to meet the local industry and the staff of Discover the World Marketing, the Norwegian cruise line’s new representative in Australia and New Zealand.

                              At a media lunch today at Quay on the top deck of the Overseas Passenger Terminal, Beadle told Seatrade Insider she had ‘goosebumps’ looking out at the Sydney Opera House and Harbour Bridge for the first time.
                              The whole story on
                              With best regards from Jan-Olav Storli

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                                The Quay restaurant at the Overseas Passenger Terminal, Sydney – and the view from it – would understandably give the lady 'goosebumps'. I had lunch there during a Sydney stopover between the Australian Formula 1 Grand Prix in Melbourne and the Malaysian race in Kuala Lumpur in March last year. Rather than go OT here, I’ll look out some photos for The World-Pilot Guides later today (but not before I’ve finished something I was preparing for Fram’s thread ...)