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    Good news for environmentalists and those who like peace and quiet:
    Bad news for those who like the smell and noise of diesel engines.


    • pakarang
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      Just to quote for the non-Norwegian speaking, the article states that Hurtigruten is considdering a future ship to be battery / hybrid powered.

    • ombugge
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      I count on Google Translate to get the drift of it. (Sometime with hilarious interludes)

    In Aalesund Hurtigruten will soon be back at it's traditional berth at Skansekaia.

    Here is what it looks like there today:

    The back entrance:


    Dear friends...

    I recently browsed for Hurtigruten videos and there are actually quite a few:

    I particularly love this one:
    With best regards from Jan-Olav Storli

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      Hurtigruten doing their thing for the environment:
      One more thing to do on a short stop. I hope they remember to disconnect on departure.


        Another ode to Hurtigruten, this time presented by CNN:


          I don't know if any of this is news to the Hurtigruten affectionados here on CVF, but some of it is news to me:

          And for the art lovers among CVF members and guests:


          • nari
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            With the numbers of vessels now in Hurtigruten's books, it will possibly mean a demise for the traditional exploring ships like those of Aurora Expeditions and other similar companies. In fact Aurora may already have ceased to exist -I haven't seen any travel brochures for some time. However, competition is what the game is all about and may the best man company win out.

          • Sigve
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            "....Then in 2017, the Explorer Program will expand from two to four ships embarking on expedition cruises;....."

            Well, then they have to order some new ships, since 11 of the excisting are busy along the coast, on contract with the norwegian state?

          • Sarnia
            Sarnia commented
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            From what I have seen of the 2017 program, my understanding is that those four ships are Fram, Midnatsol, Spitsbergen and Nordstjernen. The four ships will all sail expedition trips in 2017, covering the destinations mentionned in the article, but not at the same time, so for me this is a bit of a stretch of reality.

          Will Hurtigruten be at the new terminal i Aalesund, or will it be calling at Flatholmen?? :
          I think this is a ridicules argument, but when it comes to money everything is likewise.
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          • ombugge
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            It is not only Aalesund Havn and Hurtigruten that will loose money if Hurtigruten call at the industrial port at Flatholmen.
            Even if there are free bus transport to/from town, fewer will leave the ship to explore the town, when they cannot just step off the ship and be in the center of town in a few minutes as now.
            Those who have not done their "homework", and/or have some special interest in the Aalesund architecture, is even less likely to do so when they see the depressing area around the ship.

            That means less sales for shops, cafes, tour guides and others that cater to the Hurtigruten passengers. Maybe not a lot, but it helps keeping a bit of "life" in the town area, which is loosing local business to the shopping malls at Moa.

            Yes it is possible to walk to town on the north side of Aksla, either along the regular road to Skansekaia, or by the walking track known as "Borgerne's Vei", which ends up in the park, below the steps to Fjellstua, but how many will do so, or even know that it is possible?

            I can agree that NOK 1,200/day is a lot for that waiting room and a relatively small storage area, even if it includes services.
            Let's hope that this illogical dispute can be settled amicably by 1. March.

          • Ralf__
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            Right now i am giving some advices to friends, who will due a roundtrip on Kong Harald in autumn. When the ships are visiting the fjords, the visit time in Alesund is shortened very much in comparison to the winter schedule, when the Alesund visit is for sure one of the most attractive of the whole trip. So this new idea means cancelling the town walks in summer. So the city authorities should really think about it! In m< opinion, the stop in Alesund during the summer schedule even today is too short.

          • ombugge
            ombugge commented
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            A bit more background to the dispute:

          Hurtigruten had it's best economic result ever last year:

          How long before the new owners sell out to take profit from their purchase?


          • micctoh
            micctoh commented
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            A hello to all in this forum !

            Norwegians in this forum will be laughing at the temerity of an outsider to
            comment on the state of the Hurtigruten vs Norwegian Ports.
            A possible new Norwegian Saga :
            From an outsider point of view: the following are de-facto situations:
            (a) The more remote parts of Norway need efficient transportation to survive
            the harsh Norwegian annual weather changes.
            Hence the deal between the Norwegian State and Hurtigruten to provide the
            Coastal Service.
            (b) Hurtigruten.ASA cannot survive solely running a Coastal Service with
            minimum standards of daily operations. It needs to do Tourism stuff too, to
            stay alive and profitable.
            (c) The local provider-of services to Hurtigruten, are gaining. The ports
            authorities are eyeing the increasing Hurtigruten prosperity
            (d) Hurtigruten's increasing prosperity you say ? Why then, did the Norwegian
            duo majority owners sold out to the Brits ? Was it not the prospect of
            Hurtigruten's increasing difficulty in maintaining a profitable service in the
            Coastel Service deal with the Norwegian State?
            (e) Whatever the rights or wrongs in the struggles of the Ports vs
            Hurtigruten, and the possibility of the new British owners' profit-taking
            sellout of a thriving Cruise company, where does that leave the poor local
            populace that depend on the daily life sustaining transport of the Coastal
            Service ?
            (f) Norway's share of the North Sea Oil, will inevitably dry up.
            Norway has been embarking on new ways of maintaining its prosperity.
            Tourism must be one of the many new ways to do that.
            (g) finally from a personal interest, will a future Norwegian Coastal trip
            be the same with a new Hurtigruten sailing the new coastal ports ?
            I doubt if I would commit to sailing with Hurtigruten, if it does the same
            things as all the other Cruise companies are doing in Scandinavia.

          The dispute is not yet over but at least they are talking and Flatholmen is out (for now?):


            Hurtigruten is back where it belongs in Aalesund.
            Here is proof:


              Here is a nice English language film about the history of Hurtigruten.... in case you haven't seen it yet.


              I sadly have to admit that my interest for Hurtigruten has declined more and more the past years.... it's not what they used to be. I do miss the old ships, and the times when they were tied up closely to the local communities along the coast as a vital and important part of the country. Things are changing, as with everything else in life and in the world.
              With best regards from Jan-Olav Storli

              Administrator and Owner of CaptainsVoyage.
              Main page:

              Surround yourself with positive, ethical people who are committed to excellence.


                10 reasons to visit Norway by Hurtigruten:


                  After seeing pictures of the "new and improved" interior decorations on some of the Hurtigruten ships, I can only say; "what the h*ll are they thinking?
                  If they had at least tried to copy something from the old days along the coast, it MAY have made some sense, but to copy "Bygdemuseet i Hallingdal" (or wherever) is just WRONG.

                  Admittedly I haven't visited any of the vessels with this new decor yet. In fact I may even refrain from doing so, just to maintain a picture of Hurtigruten of "old".


                    Well at least the company isn't afraid to spend money - or hopefully secure Norwegian jobs. Apologies for the Norwegian only versions of these.






                    That is impressing! Here is a link to an English version of the news:

                    Lofoten '07 ...... Nordnorge '11