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Sinking of the tanker "BURAK M" ex:"TANK BARONESS"

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    Sinking of the tanker "BURAK M" ex:"TANK BARONESS"

    Does anyone have info of the sinking of the Norwegian built tanker "BURAK M" ex: TANK BARONESS

    only thing I have is that she foundered in 1994 at these corodinates-6.27N/15.25V


    There are two vessels by this name listed on Miramar:

    MT Tank Baroness, IMO No. 5352197, 25,800 DWT, Blt. Fredrikstad, Norway 1958. Renamed Lykomedes -73, BU Castellon 14.3.78 [Industrial y Comercial de Levante]

    M/T Tank Baroness, IMO No. 7383217, 131,500 DWT, Blt. Fredrikstad, Norway 1976. Renamed Burak M -82, Foundered 6.27N/15.25W 28.4.94

    I haven't found any info regarding the sinking of this vessel, nor on the Owners at the time. Still looking.


      Which Herlofson tanker ?

      Sorry to divert this thread, but I have a question and a story.
      (Should probably been in the my ships thread)

      A picture from 1976 on the north shore of Panama.
      (With my ex-wife and a Herlofson tanker)

      In my memory, I thought that this was the Tank Baroness,but looking at other pictures this must be another one.
      The question is :Which one ?

      At the time I was a mate on the Golar Petrosea. Sh...trosea-01.html

      Joined her when she was delivered new from Rosenberg in Stavanger.
      Then without those ugly deck tanks and with a dark grey hull.

      After a trip from Puerto Rico to Rotterdam with chemicals, we headed for Pascagoula,MS , loading for California and Japan.
      My wife joined me in Mississippi, and stayed with me for the remaining four months,
      as a passenger.
      (The Gotaas-Larsen company did not hire female crew)

      This picture was taken while loading about 5000 tons of oil from this other tanker.
      She was on a voyage from Venezuela to Chile, but had too deep draught for the Panama canal.
      After both ships passed the canal, this oil was pumped back to
      the Tank ????.

      The rest of the voyage was to California, about three motnhs crosstrading in the Far East and back to Rotterdam via Mumbai, Suez canal and Barcelona.
      Cargo: Palm oil.
      And that was my last ship before starting on drilling rigs and flotels offshore.

      But the question: Which tanker can it be we helped out in Panama ?


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        Do you remember the month? Because the 2. Tank Baroness building ends at late April 1976. Was the tanker new? If it is not then you we the captain of the older generation Baroness.

      Originally posted by ombugge View Post
      I haven't found any info regarding the sinking of this vessel, nor on the Owners at the time. Still looking.
      I have found the name of the Owner; Umm Dentas Denizcilik Ve Ticaret A.S., Istanbul, Turkey. Nothing about her sinking, except that it happened off Sierra Leone on the day 18 years from her delivery as new. Nothing about WHY!!!

      The said company appears to have brought several relatively large second hand Norwegian vessel in the 1980s, but I can find no Fleet List or Historical Fleet.
      In fact there is no record of this particular company name, although there is a company by the name Dentas Denizcilik Ve Ticaret A.S still in existence, owner of two small and old vessels only. (Contact details are available on Google)


        Which Herlofsen tanker it is?
        From what little can be seen of it I would guess it is 1960s built, probably with a midships superstructure and not very large?
        That doesn't narrow it down very much, but a bit.

        Could it be Tank Princess???:

        Blt. Kokums 1963, 38,090 DWT
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