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Mystery ship found in Mid-Atlantic

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    Mystery ship found in Mid-Atlantic

    When I saw this in gcaptain just now the profile of the ship told me this was an old Norwegian short sea ship from the 1970s/80s, but not which one:

    Quick search tells me that this is the old M/V Tananger, which was a regular along the Norwegian coast for more than 20 years under several names:

    How she could have drifted around in the Mid-Atlantic for a year without being spotted, or run down by some ship feeling sure they had the ocean to themselves, is a mystery.

    It prove that she was well built and able to handle whatever was thrown at her.
    The crew must have battened down well before being lifted off though.

    What will happen next? Will she be allowed to keep on drifting, or will somebody take her under tow, claiming salvage?

    You are the expert. Will she be worth to be towed and repaired?

    Do you remember the story about the Lyubov Orlova?
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      Whether it would be worth repairing this over 40 year old ship is doubtful, especially since she have been drifting unattended for a year without any operation of the machinery and presumably no ventilation in a hot and humid climate.

      For a passing tug to take her in tow and claim ownership, or at least salvage, would probably be marginally profitable if the wreck could be sold for scrap at a nearby port.
      Being a small ship with little or no reusable equipment the scrap value would not be much though.

      The fact that she represent a danger to shipping and contain some fuel oil MAY add to the salvage value. But who would pay, since she was Tanzanian register and in international waters when found?
      The former owner will probably be doing his level best to avoid any involvement, if he can be found at all.

      Strange story.


        How peculiar, ombugge.

        I remember this ship quite well from the past, while she was still trading in Norwegian waters. I'm impressed that she haven't sunk as of yet... the hull is at least holding up, but with no power, no crew, in all imaginable weather conditions, it's quite a feat to be still floating as if nothing happened.

        Talking about salvage, I understand your points very well and I do agree, that there wouldn't be much reward at towing her to port. But, the oil and other reserves on board which might pose an environmental threat, might raise the stakes a bit.

        Pretty strange that nobody has bumped into her before.

        Peculiar story.
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          Remember this one?
          After a year adrift in the Atlantic she has been grounded in Ireland:


            Luckily she does not pollute anything up to now. It will be interesting to watch the continuation of the story. But i guess, the hull will be spoiled so much after removing her from the rocks, that she will be scrapped, despite of her unbelievable stability.

            Lofoten '07 ...... Nordnorge '11


              New video has been published, but no news about the salvage.


              Lofoten '07 ...... Nordnorge '11