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19th schooner Sunbeam exposed by recent storms

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    19th schooner Sunbeam exposed by recent storms

    The recent stormy weather in Ireland has totally exposed the remains of the schooner Sunbeam that was wrecked in January 1903.

    Some nice pics on BBC website and also history of the vessel here
    The wreck of the schooner Sunbeam on Rossbeigh Strand, Co Kerry, is left exposed by the recent storm.

    Thank you for those links, Patrick. It was a powerful storm that wrecked the Sunbeam over a century ago, but the power of the recent one that ripped the remains out of the sand in which they were embedded and moved them 400 metres up to the foot of the cliff must have been tremendous. Sadly many of the timbers would have been broken and washed away, I should imagine.

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