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    nice images dane,very well focust,so pitty of that odd object in the front of the last image
    best regards Thijs


      ''svitzer muiden''

      an old tug, now in service for the port authorities of Amsterdam.


      best regards Thijs


        Bamse Tug in Bodø yesterday to pick up Tananger after her engine breakdown:

        At the nautical school we had a saying; "red over red, the captain is dead". He is very much alive in this case but his ship is dead and not under command.
        Walking in the shadow of the blues


          Is "Ena" a tugboat?

          How nice she would look chugging down the canal fully restored.


            Britoil tug boats

            Some of the Tugs seen at Brotoil Yard, Batam last week:

            A closer look at some of the tugs. First "Britoil 15", 2,400 Bhp/35 m.t. BP:


              Pulling out the Tow Wire for inspection:

              Single drum Towing Winch:


                Then up to the Wheel House. Fwrd. controls and instrumentation:

                The X-mas Tree is decorated.

                Aft Controls:

                Not much of a view from here:

                A CCTV would do wonders for safety of the crew on deck.


                  Not much space on a small tug like this:

                  The chest freezers hold food supply for 12 pers. for 30 days.


                  Mess Room:

                  And the "Entertainment Centre":

                  The Crew share one 6-men and one 4-men Cabin below, while the Master and Ch. Eng. has single cabins at deck level. Not much, but it is a job. (Sorry, no pics of the cabins at this time)

                  6 months period on board is standard. No guarantee of re-hire by the same company.
                  This tug is heading to India to work for 3-5 months.


                    While we are at it, we may as well look at one more tug, "Britoil 27", 2400 Bhp / 31.5 m.t. BP:


                      This one is a bit longer (32 m. as opposed to 29 m. LOA for the B-15).
                      This tug has open stern and a small Stern Roller, thus able to handle anchors:

                      It is also equipped with Ulstein "Shark Jaw" and "Tow Pins":

                      Here is the insert for the Jaws, if used for a different size wire:


                        Let's have a look below in the Engine Room:

                        Fuel Oil Manifold:

                        Starting Air Compressors:

                        No Air-conditioned Control Room or Work Shop on this tug:

                        Bilge Over-board valve is chained and pad locked in closed position?? Check:


                          A quick look in the crew's cabin below:


                            As a contrast to these small tugs, here is the newbuilt AHTs "Britoil 120 & 121", 12,000 Bhp, 150 m.t. BP:

                            And a couple of new AHTs under construction, Britoil 70 & 71, 7,000 Bhp, 90 m.t.BP:


                              Pacific Blade 9196366 arriving in Den Helder

                              Jack Mulder


                                How loud is it aboard a tug when underway or working? Is it quiet enough to be in the crew berths or galley for long periods (like a 6 month tour) without hearing protection?