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    Nostalgia. Factory Trawler John Longva in drydock at Singmarine in Singapore 1991.
    She was on her way from a couple of years of fishing for Orange Roughy off New Zealand and later off Australia. Heading to Myanmar for research fishing for FAO:

    She is no more:


      Fishing boat seen in Aalesund some days ago.

      Pelagic Trawler/Seiner "Havskjaer":

      Scottish Pelagic Trawler/Seiner "Charisma":

      A look along the Fishing Pier. Reefer "Green Frost" on the outside, two fishing boat on the inside:
      (Pelagic Trawler/Seiner "Havskjaer" & "Charisma")

      Why the flags?? It is nice weather.


        I have to keep up this thread until Bengt get back from Spain. More fishing boats seen in Aalesund this last week or so.

        A nice new Seiner/Trawler seen doing trials in Hessafjorden:

        And again at the Fishing Pier in Aalesund:

        (Yes that is the official name, although it will soon be occupied by cruise ships)

        He has got company:


          A slightly smaller fishing vessel, seen heading home with a following:

          You want to race??:

          This boat belongs to Aalesund Videregaaende Skole (AaVS) and is used be the fishery students.


            There are always Fishing boats in and around Aalesund. They come in all sizes and shapes.
            Short and stubby:

            Short and wide:

            ​Actually this one is not catching fish, but work at fish farms.

            Traditional Long liner:

            Modern Long liner:

            Modern Trawler:

            Combined Trawler/Seiner:

            And finally one that harvest sea weeds:


              More fishing boats seen in and around Aalesund these last few weeks.
              Don't know the name of this one, or what he is set up to catch:

              But somebody may enlighten us?

              This one is easier to identify:

              Another coastal Seiner:

              A bit of difference in size and purpose:

              Russian trawler just out from drydock at Fiskerstrand:


                Coastal Seiner Vikanoy:

                There is not much space to spare on the deck:

                Pakarang view:

                Will the Trawler Molnes be able to take up competition with Mein Schiff?:


                  Not a fishing boat but a fish farm service barge seen off Vartdal:

                  Not a professional fishing boat, but a very typical Norwegian pleasure boat, called "Snekke", used for hobby fishing:

                  In this case out trolling for salmon near Festoy.


                    Fresh fish trawler Nordoytraal arriving Aalesund for bunkering.
                    He certainly give Slinningsodden a wide berth:

                    Entering Aspoyvaagen, heading to the bunker station in Kleivane:


                      More fishing boats seen in Aalesund lately.
                      Longliner Geir II heading to Fiskerstrand:

                      Gunnar Langva is one of the old traditional names in the Aalesund fishing fleet. Here heading out from Fiskerstrand:

                      In the great herring years in the 1950s the earlier Gunnar Langva was usually the top performer.
                      Even more famous was Harald Bas, an expert in finding the schools of herring with the traditional "hand line". He was said to be able to estimate the amount of fish in the net using this basic tool to within a couple of hundred Hektoliters.
                      An article on about the time:
                      And about Harald Bas:


                        Maybe the nicest looking boat in the seiner fleet is this one:


                          Fishing vessels seen arriving in Aalesund this weekend:


                            Aalesund is the busiest fishing port in Norway. When the cruise season is over the Fishing boat gets to use their Fisheries Pier:

                            Some small and some large boat alongside, some loaded and some just waiting for the next opportuinity:

                            Some arriving:

                            Some leaving to get their next catch:

                            And some heading to Vedde to deliver their catch:

                            It is good business in fisheries these days:


                              Large Russian trawler heading to Fiskerstrand:

                              Nice trawler/Seiner of the smaller kind:

                              More details on this one later.

                              Larger versions:

                              Strand Senior was seen arriving in the post above:


                                YE-70 MARIA-JACOBA