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Scooner IDEAL - to be built in Kristiansund!

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    Scooner IDEAL - to be built in Kristiansund!

    What did I read when I opened my newspaper today?
    A couple living in Kristiansund has decided to built what possibly will be the largest sailing wooden boat in Norway, the three masted scooner IDEAL.

    The original IDEAL was built by Skaaluens Skibsbyggeri in 1903 and was 93 feet long.
    The copy will be 115 feet, and built by the couple Kari Moe Sundli and Rune M. Torgeirson, who years back built the 56 feet sailing boat BLÅMANN, which has been their home for the last years.

    IDEAL, when finished, will have Kristiansund as her home port, she will possibly be moored at Hjelkremkaia (Klippfish museum, where the old wreck of trawler BORGENES was moored), and they plan to offer her on charter to schools, summer sea camps, social work among youth and they also hope companies in the maritime sector which is in need of future recruits will show their interest.
    The scooner will cost NOK 7 millions to build (NOK 30 millions if they sould use a ship building company), they will have room for 50 when dinner is served on board, 10 cabins made for three persons each and 2 cabins for the crew.

    The couple hope they can open the building ground in Vågen (5 minutes walk from the hurtigruten quay, down by the Smia Fish Restaurant) to the public, who might be interested to watch the project.
    A project just like this in Denmark, has over 10.000 visitors in their visitors protocol.
    I could not find anything about this in the local newspaper web-pages, so here is three rather bad photos via my iPhone.

    The keel is stretched

    Serious dimensions of the wood to be used

    And finally...., the original three masted scooner IDEAL from 1903. Isn't she a beauty???? The launch will hopefully be in the fall of 2014

    This must surely be a project to follow for both citizens of the city and passengers from hurtigruten and cruise ships.
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    Re: Scooner IDEAL - to be built in Kristiansund!

    Marvellous! Another exciting thing happening in Kristiansund, and if only the Hurtigruten timetable could allow just a little more actual time there (rather than the time being used to catch up on delays, as so often seems to happen), it certainly would make another excellent little recommended walk for the southbound tourists.


      Re: Scooner IDEAL - to be built in Kristiansund!

      rather than the time being used to catch up on delays
      I don't know what's going on when they are moored in Trondheim (northbound and southbound), but how about leaving Trondheim 30-45 minutes earlier and maybe have 30 minutes to an hour in Kristiansund??
      What Hurtigrutens timetable is "saying" now is that Kristiansund is not an interesting place for us...
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        Re: Scooner IDEAL - to be built in Kristiansund!

        Originally posted by Sterkoder View Post
        ....What Hurtigrutens timetable is "saying" now is that Kristiansund is not an interesting place for us...
        It’s perhaps even worse in that there seems to be a perception around (in travel forums and suchlike and from some travel agents) that the entire stretch southbound from Trondheim to Bergen is kind of “uninteresting” and this is reflected in the package holidays on offer that terminate in Trondheim.

        However, there is a difficulty in greatly reducing the time in Trondheim due to arrival time in port there being early, before or during breakfast time. This is especially the case southbound (06:30 – 10:00) when the time actually available for the excursions is less than you might at first realise.
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          Re: Scooner IDEAL - to be built in Kristiansund!

          Well, I guess we can not do anything with Hurtigruten in this matter.

          Anyway, back to the scooner again.

          What I heard today is that the steel part of the keel is a large beam from the old Nordsundet bridge.
          Now they are putting a great wooden keel on the steel one, and when the keel is finished, it will weigh in at 25 tons.

          The masts, or rather the main one, will be 27,90 meters high.
          The reason for this, from what the builders say, is to prevent sailing around the city via Sørsundet if they want to sail northbound.
          At 27,90 they can sail under the new Nordsundet bridge which is 28 meters at mean sea level. Sørsundet being 32.


            Re: Scooner IDEAL - to be built in Kristiansund!

            You can be sure I do what I can at any opportunity to “educate and inform” tourists though
            Absolutely fascinating construction details Sterkoder. I’ll be following this with considerable interest.


              Re: Scooner IDEAL - to be built in Kristiansund!

              My first visit to the buildingsite was today.
              The gates will only be open when the builders are present, and as they were away, the gates was closed.
              Not much to see yet, as the real building will start 1. August.

              Info poster outside the gate (the web-adress is not up and running yet, at least not today)

              The wooden part of the keel is now mounted and bolted to the steel one

              The couple building IDEAL, built BLÅMANN some years back, a boat being their home.
              This sailyacht is now up for sale, so please click into the following link if you're interested. Asking price is NOK 3,9 millions.


              When visiting the pages. click 'Selges' to the left to see spesifications

              The sale poster

              S/Y BLÅMANN



                Kristiansund is THE place to be for everyone interested in shipbuilding from the times of the wooden sailing vessel.
                Scooner IDEAL is raising on the keel beam fromold torn down Nordsundet bridge and our local newspaper just made a great video report (sadly for foreigners it's only in Norwegian).
                The guy talking (Rune M. Torgeirson) is the owner and much like Vladimir Martous with SHTANDART, he had a vision of building this vessel.
                Torgeirson and his wife saw a picture behind a door in a museum in Hardanger 6 years ago, a picture showing the white scooner ELIN (also in the video) and they instantly wanted to build a scooner just like it.
                For 4 years now, Torgeirson and good helpers have been trawling the forests up and down the Swedish border in Hedmark and Sør-Trøndelag to find the right material, slow growing pine at around 800 meters above sealevel.
                All wooden material needed is now in place and after Christmas the hull will be laid, useing planks measuring 90 mm x 400 mm.
                The keel came from the steel construction of the old Nordsundet bridge, as mentioned, and because they did not want to cut it, the length of IDEAL will be around 120 feet (100 feet intended).
                This is quite a project, being launched autumn 2014...., and wouldn't it be great to have SHTANDART as a special guest here then?? Just a thought

                Well, anyway...., here's the video:

                Treskuta «Ideal» blir til i Vågen i Kristiansund.


                  Went down to visit Mr. Torgeirson a few weeks back. He welcomed me and let me climb all the way around to take pictures and asked me to spread the words about his project.
                  Scooner IDEAL will be an educational vessel for kids and youth boys and girls, and will also sail in charter..., just like we know our SHTANDART.
                  The ribs are up now, and during the winter months, the power company in Kristiansund, NEAS, will light the ribs with different spotlights, and they will show a looped video of the building process so far. This will be exciting!!
                  The public is invited into the yard whenever the main gate is open. Mr. Torgeirson will be busy working, together with his helpers (called IDEALists), but he always have a couple of minutes to talk to you. This is what meet you inside the yard

                  Nice lines, showing the banner of two of the many sponsors

                  Port aft end

                  Looking down the starboard side of the keel from aft end
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                    Aft end

                    Starboard side

                    Starboard side looking forward

                    Couple of ribs left in the bow section

                    "IF GOD COULD MAKE ANGELS...., WHY IN HELL MAKE MAN?"


                      This is really a so exiting project to follow. I'm convinced that this will become a well known ship.
                      And Sterkoder - very nice images!


                        Thanks Tommi!
                        Yes, this will be a very well known vessel, due to the fact that this is the largest wooden vessel built in this way in Norway in modern time.
                        This is a vessel from the klippfish years in Norway, a time from which we have no vessels left. Yachts which sailed up and down the coast with fish, goods and such, yes, but not a vessel used in the klippfish export, sailing vessels which sailed from Norway (also Kristiansund) with klippfish to Portugal, South-America and other far away places.
                        From that periode of time we have CHRISTIAN RADICH, SØRLANDET and STATSRAAD LEMKUHL..., but those are large steel ships.
                        IDEAL will also be the only educational (skoleskip) north of Bergen..., so yes, this is a larger project than anyone can understand.
                        In fact, there are people from Sweeden also travelling to Kristiansund to be a part of this project.

                        For you passengers on board a hurtigrute, the project will be viewable from the hurtigrute fwd port side.
                        I'm not sure there will be enough time during the southbound call to walk over and take a closer look.
                        You might manage if the hurtigrute is on time.
                        "IF GOD COULD MAKE ANGELS...., WHY IN HELL MAKE MAN?"


                          Thank you for the pictures. Those laminated ribs are incredible!

                          Will they actually be working through the winter? I can only imagine working out in the weather in Norway. My fingers get stiff and sore just thinking about it.


                            I'm not sure about them working through the winter.
                            The only thing I know is that NEAS (Nordmøre Energy AS), the supporter of electric power to the project will sponsor coloured spotlights to make the ribs/boat construction so far look like some kind of a sculpture in the dark season. They will also have large screens on the yard where a loop of videos from the project will show.
                            The builder has been travelling the woods of Finnskogen to find trees and material himself, he has made all the doors, railings, plugs, benches, rope chackles and everything else himself, so I guess that will also be a part of the video.
                            What the builders do during the day, to make worth of the shorter and shorter periode of daylight, I do not know.
                            "IF GOD COULD MAKE ANGELS...., WHY IN HELL MAKE MAN?"


                              I remember reading stories of the king's men riding through the land picking trees for the navy. Old deformed ones with a curved trunk for the keel's curve up to the bow. Other curved trees for the ribs... Each chosen where it's natural shape and grain would match the shape of that part of the ship. What a difference from modern steel where you just cut material to be whatever. Back then they had to find the right tree to fit the ship. No tree no ship.