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    What is the limit in number of people that can safely be carried on board a single ship??
    At the moment it doesn't sound like there is any limit:
    Until one of these monster ships are hit by a major accident that is.

    PS> If you want to visit Disney Land, why expose yourself to the extra danger of going to sea??
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      Re Ombugge's post - that is quite a concept. 9,500 passengers, so I guess another few thousand crew too?

      There is a lot of work going on in my world at the moment about the concept of 'virtually coupling' trains together - i.e. running several/many trains very close together as one long train. Today we keep following trains apart by at least a braking distance for the speed that they're travelling at (plus a margin), which, when a high speed train takes 3km or more to stop, means that there is a lot of track that doesn't have a train on it at any stage. The technology of getting trains closer together than a braking distance (and a bit) goes against what all of us railway safety types have ever been trained to do, but isn't impossible by any means. It's very similar to running 'trains' of trucks very close together on the motorway like Volvo has demonstrated (or is achieved by humans every day e.g. on the London Orbital M25 and Rotterdam Ring Road - Hi Thijs).

      The blocker for this technology in rail at least is the concept of the brick wall. When a train hits an immovable object and stops very, very quickly. Whilst thankfully rare, it has happened, e.g. the Enschede rail accident when a German ICE met a bridge and stopped in a horribly short distance. 101 people died, 100 more were injured. It was horrible. That was one train, what happens if it's five trains, each with hundreds of people on them, all running like one big train but at 300km/h - or more.

      Same argument goes for planes. Put two A380s into each other and 800+ people are endangered. Plane into ground is potentially worse.

      So, where am I going with this increasingly morbid chain of thought? I guess it's around expectations and modes of transport. There are no lifeboats on trains, but you're unlikely to have to abandon a train 500 miles from land. Boats don't move at 300km/h, but you can step off a stopped train onto dry land. Aircraft do have liferafts and lifejackets, but they're only any use when you've lost 39,000 feet altitude and 800km/h speed. There is a tendency to take safety for granted for most modes of transport, and an acceptance of risk for others (e.g. travelling by cars). Engineers are very good at making systems very safe, but sometimes they make mistakes, or the analysis isn't carried out as we would hope. Highly skilled, highly trained people that operate systems can also misinterpret information or make poor decisions whilst under stress and people get hurt.

      12,000+ people on a boat sounds a lot. But I guess we could ask the question how many people occupy some of the largest skyscrapers already around, and how straightforward it is to evacuate one of those, especially in the case of structural failure or major fire.

      (For the record, you wouldn't catch me in either the boat or the skyscraper!).



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        Editing a comment
        now we get a fine when we drive to close behind he car in front of us, Germany requires 50 meters
        here in holland as far so that you can stop your vehicle without hitting another object.
        now they want us that trucks log in to eachother so we can follow the truck in front of us of a distance of 6 meters.
        now way jose.

        when i see the cars racing over the highways, distance of a few meters ,it's not weird that there are several accidents every day.
        maybe the better that every day we have traffic jams, so not much change for racing.
        but they have to race, the ladys had the boiled potatoes on the table.

        if not at home in time they find the dog in the pan. (dutch saying)
        they rather take the change for a surtain deadth than come to late at home.

        i believe i had mentioned it,but the Highway Cruiser has a emergency brake device.
        it can braker faster and quicker than the driver can.
        a safety device???
        for who?
        the idiot that cut us of?
        he/they can be saved by that,but the truck driver?????????
        that 50 tons had to stop in a few meters,what will do the load?????
        right crashed the cab.

        remember how the container looks when 17 tons will shift forwarts

        which starts here

        to get al the 9500 passingers in the lifeboats will work good when they test it ,
        but when it sinks or burn, there will be panic, and then it won't will that smooth.
        but as Ombugge said, why go on a vessel for a themepark ,those big vessels can only visit the bigger ports, the Industrial ports.
        like Rotterdam ,oh it was so nice there, al Industrial ports we sailed at.
        i don't think i will step on it either

      The first new SunStone expedition cruise ship is soon ready to sail from the yard in China:


        While we wait for Vard to complete the Polar Cruise ship for Ponant:
        it is not too late to book a trip to the North Pole for 2020:


          The world's most advanced sailing ship is also a cruise ship in good standing:


            Originally posted by ombugge View Post
            The world's most advanced sailing ship is also a cruise ship in good standing:
            That is one massive and very impressive vessel. I hope she will be coming my way some day in the future, so that I have a chance to see her with my own eyes, wherever it may be.
            With best regards from Jan-Olav Storli

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              Viking Cruises are getting into the Polar Expedition Cruise market soon:


                NCL in serious financial troubles.



                  Just saw this on Facebook,
                  cruise company CMV is bankrupt, the owner of the mv "Marco polo"
                  best regards Thijs