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    Protect yourself against sunburn.


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      The poodle seems to be getting the best of that!

    Part of the ship is missing.


      Details of MV VADOWESA


        Look through at MV VADOWESA.


          Search light


            For a bit bigger boats, here is a trip around a Very Large Container Vessel (VLCV):

            And for good meassure, come on a trip through HK waters to Chawan Port, China:


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              Very professional done. Thank you for sharing. That is really impressing.

            A 873 ZUIDERZEE 9705263


              Ever wondered what it is like inside a lifeboat??
              Fret no more, have a look here:

              What about when there are 150 people on board?:
              Now multiply that with 2 and add 70 and you get the number of people that is supposed to go in each of the lifeboats on the Oasis-class Cruise ships.

              Here is a better way of escaping from a sinking or burning ship, rig, platform, or a FPSO, like here:
              PS> This is a function test, not a drill.

              As seen from inside the lifeboat:


              It's been a while since there have been any posting here, but this vessel deserves a bit more details than normal.
              "Øystrand" is one of the large new and sophisticated Live Fish Carriers that has been delivered the last few months:
              Now owned by Solvtrans AS here in Aalesund

              Here she is arriving in Aalesund recently:

              Together with Cruise ship Monarch at Stornespiren:

              More details:

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                The load line is way up there:

                In good company. Monarch and Nørvøy:


                  This little boat carries passengers and goods to the islands in Ellingsoyfjorden, some of which still have permanent inhabitants:
                  Here she is at her normal mooring in Norvasundet:

                  At the islands she just put her bow against the wharf:

                  While at the this place boarding is over the side:

                  The contraption seen on top of the wheelhouse looked intriguing, so I had to have a closer look.
                  It is actually intended used to recover people from the water. Here is the harness stored against the deckhouse:

                  A look into the wheelhouse:

                  Unfortunately distorted by reflections.


                    work on the ''Alessandro dp '' in the port of rotterdam

                    best regards Thijs