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    Re: Details of ships and boats

    RELATIONSHIP II 02317465.

    Pictures © Ruud Mulder


      It's been a while since I posted any details of ships or boats here. Here is some pictures from an inspection of a new Anchor Handling Tug "Smit Seraya", delivered from the yard in China in July this year and inspected at the Smit yard here in Singapore in Sept..

      I didn't get any good external pictures, so this one is from Marine Traffic:

      View of the forecastle, with windlass and mooring drum:

      The FRC is placed in a single point davit on Port side:

      A 30 m.t. SWL crane is on the Stbd. side:

      This tugger winch hasn't been equipped with a wire yet:


        Somebody has misunderstood the way Scrambling nets are supposed to work:

        A weight at the bottom of the net is supposed to keep it tight and below water:

        Here the weight has been replaced with a wooden beam. (Common problem):


          1 set Karmoy stoppers and guide pins:

          350 m.t. SWL is a lot for a small vessel like this.

          View of the winch house, superstructure and bridge from the deck:

          ISPS is well taken care of here:

          Quite a colourful collection of safety devices:

          Emergency escape and protected escape route outside the crash barrier is clear of obstruction:


            Everything is new and shiny:

            This vessel has not worked yet.

            The machinery spaces are quite roomy and still very clean:

            Manifolds are manual and colour coded:

            Emergency steering from the Steering Flat:

            A steering wheel is a rather unusual item to find on new vessels these days. Nice.

            Lots of machinery and equipment, but not too cramped below deck:

            Low headroom some places:


              Another newbuilding from China which stopped over in Singapore on her way from the building yard to her first assignment, in West Africa.
              The PSV Topaz Armani as seen a Loyang Offshore Base a couple of weeks ago.

              No good external pictures of this one either and cannot find any on the web, but here is specs for the vessel:

              The forecastle deck:

              Unobstructed cargo deck:

              Did I say she was built in Chiana?? So was obviously this crane:


                Up to the bridge. Fwrd. controls:

                Aft controls:

                Bulk Handling panel:

                DPS-2 Consols:


                  Below deck. The Engine room is in two levels with reasonably good head room and not too cramped:

                  Main Thrusters (Niigata Z-peller) with direct shaft drive:

                  Niigata Main Engines as well:

                  Oily Water Separator:

                  That is it from this vessel. Sister vessel will be here early next month.


                    A type of vessels that has been seen many times on CVF, but not with much in terms of details and explanation of the complex systems that is incorporated on a modern Live Fish carrier.
                    Here is some details for one of the largest and best equipped such ships:

                    Here she is as seen in Aalesund yesterday:


                      Water intake, now out of water:

                      Sorry, no onboard pictures.


                        Multi-purpose Cargo ship, the Jasmine C, 12,914 DWT / 9,530 GT with 2 x 80 m.t. SWL cargo cranes, seen at Jurong Port, Singapore a few days ago:


                          Stern anchor:

                          Hatches open :

                          Not much of a view from the cabins in front.

                          Notice the offset Bridge? This is because of the cranes are on Stbd. side. (Usually on Port side)


                            Cargo being loaded, or waiting on trailers:

                            Cargo for Chevron's Gorgon Project, W.Australia, marshaled on the wharf. Waiting to be loaded:

                            Hatch being opened after rain to load cargo at night:

                            Loading a wire reel:


                              Gorgon Project cargo finally being loaded:


                                Lashed for the voyage to Fremantle, West Australia:

                                All Gorgon cargo loaded by midnight:

                                ​Time to go home after a long day of mostly waiting.