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Proposed ferry route between Scotland and the Netherlands

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    Proposed ferry route between Scotland and the Netherlands

    Here is a link to BBC News:

    I hadn't been aware that such a ferry link had been discussed, but it has clearly shot to prominence with Brexit related freight concerns in the UK.

    Have you heard about this at your side Thijs? - or have any experience of Groningen Seaport at Eemshaven?

    Well, England. Maybe you will be alone and isolated quicker than you will imagine!
    I hope this will be a message to the world: cooperation, communication and friendship will always be much better than separation, isolation and nationalism.
    Lofoten '07 ...... Nordnorge '11


      As I know you know Ralf, not everyone in these islands, or indeed within England, has the same attitude or opinion. The original vote showed how split the population is on this topic.



      • Ralf__
        Ralf__ commented
        Editing a comment
        I agree. Questionnaires showed, how less many of the brexiteers know about the consequences.
        And this is not an English problem. We have the same in the States, in the Netherlands, in our Eastern countries of Germany, in France, in Italy and and and.
        Populists and Nationalists are influencing peoples minds and opinions with platitude "facts". But this is also not the basic problem.
        What is shocking me, that there is no intelligent opposition against this!
        Is there a united pro European opposition in the parliament representing the about 50% pro European people? No.
        Do we have a strong adn united Democratic opposition against Trump? No.
        Germany, France, Italy? The same!
        Sorry, Mark. This was not to blame all English people. It was just another consequence popping up, which is not discussed in a correct way, like all the others.
        Informations like these would help the people to decide correctly.