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Cruise ships in Norway 2017

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    The Ocean Majesty arrived in the afternoon on 24.June, 2017:

    She left again just before midnight and passed Slinnigsodden just as Slinningsbaalet was at "full power". (No pix)

    Serenissima was back for a short visit again on 01.July, 2017:

    Then we are up to date with the cruise ships visits to Aalesund that I have caught up with.


      Today we had three ships in Aalesund, but the Monarch was relegated to Flatholmen, so I have no picture of her.
      Here is the two that was berthed at the Cruise Terminal in town however:

      The nearest is the Costa Pacifica, which was at Flatholmen on her last visit:

      She is too long to get in one frame from my normal position for abeam pictures, so here is a panorama:

      I don't know why the Monarch couldn't fit on the inside of the finger pier, next to the Pacifica?:

      Maybe she was on too deep draft?

      The Pacifica is showing her alegiance to the European union in more ways than one.
      First with an EU flag painted on the superstructure:

      And by the EU flag flying from the honoured (Stbd.) yard arm:

      With the Norwegian "Flag of Courity" flying outermost of course. (The Italians know their flag rules)

      Here in a panorama together with the "Arcadia":


        The Arcadia berthed at Prestebrygga:

        She is NOT flying the EU flag though. Maybe they have started Brixit a little early??:

        Or is it because she is registered in Hamilton, Bermuda and thus not technically an EU vessel??:

        In any cases, they are definitely showing the Britishness in the bow decoration:

        A wall of white along the wharfs today:

        PS> The Monarch will be back on 10. July, 2017. I'll try to get some picture of her then. (If not she will be back a few more time this year)


          As far as the Arcadia goes; It's rather strange to see a typical Cunard-design funnel and fore mast/main mast on a P&O cruises ship
          Maybe Cunard ordered the ship, but cancelled before delivery...?

          Disregard. Found out myself...

          Arcadia was first ordered by Holland America Lines, then allocated to Cunard to become their MS Queen Victoria. Just before her launch, they decided to transfer her to the P&O Cruises fleet.

          (What we find out when looking at details... haha).


            "Aidaluna" in Breivika harbor today.


              I like this one of "Miss Lippy" (my name for these AIDA ships - the hull art always makes me smile).
              Lovely colours Bengt. The patterns of the melting snow in the distance almost seem to be imitating that serpent thingy in reverse white on blue!


                Some of these repeat other calls, but not in the setting of Honningsvåg harbour. This is 22 June 2017.

                Artania turning outside 'Byggmaker' (the local builders' merchants) to come back onto the cruise berth.

                No more taking bunkers from the other side of the harbour, the ugly tanks have gone.

                The slightly strange arrangement of the cruise quay means that the rope handler Isfuglen has to assist with stern lines. The summer staff were taking a little while to get completely adept with this, made for some fun watching!

                I'm like this with the tablecloth after dinner. I don't usually wear a hard hat though.





                  Next day and the sun is shining. It usually does if you wait long enough in the summer. It may take a couple of days, but it does shine!

                  Viking Sky - rather elegant - at least from the front. Only just realised, there's something red, white and black lurking around at the back end in the first photo.

                  Not sure about the back - although if you're on it the extra stability is probably a good thing. Pretty flag and excellent town painted on the stern though, wish you could say the same for the big ships that operate out of the ports near us. Anyone fancy the 'infinity' pool at the back?

                  I assume that all those wooden longships full of marauding hooligans (oops, sorry, I'm reliably informed that the Norwegian vikings were farmers and traders - and I believe everything my Norwegian viking tells me to) had these on their funnels/masts.

                  If we were to scale up what our window cleaner charges to what these guys need, I think I'd need another mortgage.





                    Delightful, Mark. I always enjoy those times in the height of the cruise season when we follow a ship from port to port in various members photos. Sometimes from country to country, though I haven't got to see the Viking ships which dock at Rosyth.


                      Thanks for your comments Cecilia.

                      Here are a few more. 24 June 2017.

                      I'm an engineer. At various times in my career I've designed things. To me they're beautiful. These ships too were designed by engineers and designers, I suspect they also find them beautiful. That does rather prove that beauty is in the eye of the beholder I think. Mind you if you're travelling on the ship, then what the outside looks like is probably less important to you. Certainly the passengers seemed happy, they were enjoying their excursions and many of them were walking around town - being very pleasant to everyone and spending money. They'll have had a great time, and that's far more important than anything else. The captain's sailaway message (broadcast to our house!) was very professional, positive and reflected on a what a great day they'd had in sunny Honningsvåg.

                      So - old frog-face herself, Crown Princess. In need of a bit of an exterior clean in places. Interesting to watch these ships in harbour, many of them have crews out with paintbrushes the moment that the passengers are off, but this one just dropped a couple of lifeboats with fishing parties in them. I'm sure there was a lot of work going on inside though.

                      The front.

                      The back.

                      More of the back.

                      A near-Pakarang view.

                      Wherever you went in the village you could see bits of her.





                        Hard to believe, but this is the same day! The clouds rolled in during the evening, and so did AidaSol.

                        From the right.


                        And from the left.





                          Very nice pictures of the cruise ships, Mark


                            "MSC Preziosa" inbound to Breivika harbor last sunday.


                              "Costa Pacifica" outbound from Breivika harbor last sunday afternoon.


                                "Norwegian Jade" out from Tromsø on monday evening.