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    SCF is the leader in Arctic shipping and intend to maintain that position with a new fleet of "Green funnel" tankers:


      AECO (An organisation I didn't even know existed)has issued guidelines for visitors to the arctic:


        If you are planning on a trip to the Arctic beware of Walruses:


          Not exactly news but nostalgia:

          I saw the Manhattan at the anchorage off Chittagong, Bangladesh in 1972 when she arrived with a cargo of grain as a gift from USAid at a time when there were starvation in the aftermath of the 1971 war.
          She was far too big to get even to the normal anchorage area so she anchored several miles down the coast, not far from Cox's Basar, using some Greek owned small shallow draft ships to bring the cargo up river
          There were no vacuum sucking machines in Bangladesh, so initially the grain was hauled on deck in wicker baskets, emptied onto cargo nets and lifted to the small ships by their derricks.
          A Norwegian shipping man that had been living and working in India for many years, but had turned to some obscured hindu sect and forsworn worldly riches, somehow got involved. He managed to arrange to get some vacuum machines, which was rented out to UNDP. They did the job a lot easier, but it still took months to discharge the entire cargo.


            The new US federal budget contain funds for the second heavy icebreaker from VT Marine:

            Any news on how the first one is progressing?


              This is from Wikipedia:
              According to a press release dated 7 May 2019 announcing the PSC contract, VT Halter Marine teamed with Technologies Associates, Inc. (TAI), in the overall design based upon the proposed German polar research vessel Polarstern II. In addition to TAI, VT Halter Marine has teamed with ABB/Trident Marine for the PSC's Azipod propulsion system, Raytheon for command and control systems integration, Caterpillar for the main engines, Jamestown Metal Marine for joiner package, and Bronswerk for the HVAC system. Also, VT Halter Marine anticipates that the lead ship will be delivered in 2024, with the second PSC in 2025, and the third in late 2027.[11] The first three PSCs will be homeported in Seattle, Washington.[

              But meanwhile the latest news about Polarstern II in Germany are, that they stopped the process of forming the call for bids, because it is lasting too long (four years now) and the originally described technology is now too old. So they have to start it over again.

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