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Nationaal Sleepvaartmuseum/national Towingmuseum Maassluis Holland

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    Nationaal Sleepvaartmuseum/national Towingmuseum Maassluis Holland

    Today we (me and my son) visit the opendoorsday (as was mentiond on maasmaritime) of the seagooing Smit tug ''ELBE''.
    also we went to the seagooing Smit tug the 'HUDSON'' and to the seagooing tug the ss ''FURIE'',and visit the towingmuseum where these three ships belong to.
    the HUDSON and the FURIE aint open for visits today,only on wednesday and saterday.
    a lot of images taken but have to look which i gone to use from about 185

    here some to warm you up (if you like tugs)

    the ''ELBE''

    best regards Thijs

    the mv ''HUDSON''

    the ss ''FURIE''

    as mentiond before,we couldend up on the 2 vessels,but i (we) go back on a saterday.
    best regards Thijs


      In the museum

      the bells of the ''ZWARTE ZEE'' 3 and 4

      this guy we know from the floating cranes thread.

      best regards Thijs


        My favorite is the picture of the engine rocker arms. It is so unusual these days to see them out in the open where you can see them.

        Thank you.


          Originally posted by pilotdane View Post
          My favorite is the picture of the engine rocker arms. It is so unusual these days to see them out in the open where you can see them....
          So pleased you got the opportunity to make these ship visits. These Open doors days are such a good idea. (I was across in Holland once during such a day, with spare time after a meeting, and was taken to visit an old observatory and also a wartime fort where they were staging a “re-enactment” with people in period dress).
          Such good photos, janihudi. They are all fascinating, but for general views I especially like the one of Furie taken from across the water with the row of houses behind, and indeed the following two photos also.
          For technical details I am voting with pilotdane!


            here some more of the ''ELBE''

            lets start at the top,the formast

            the backmast

            the wheelhouse

            how it was and will be again

            and when they sails the seven seas,then was this there vieuw

            best regards Thijs


              navigation room

              radioroom with the original radios

              the achorwinch foundation was almost totally rotten away so there come a new one including the foundation

              the crane on the left wil removed at the end,for now he is very usefull

              images above are taken from the wheelhouseroof
              best regards Thijs


                Wonderful. I really like this cosy wheelhouse with the lot of small windows. Such a different look in comparison to the glass-houses of today...
                Lofoten '07 ...... Nordnorge '11


                  further with the tour

                  best regards Thijs



                    above cabine was spacy compare with this one below,also for 2 crewmembers.

                    dont know what al the rooms are,the guide told me,but to much to remember.
                    nice stairway,i ask myself who build it.

                    best regards Thijs



                      best regards Thijs


                        Dutch people are so professional when it comes to celebrating their maritime heritage and history. This is a fantastic restoration which many times seems impossible in Norway.

                        I love Holland and their ability to restore and celebrate their maritime heritage!
                        With best regards from Jan-Olav Storli

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                          you can compare this with the ss ''ROTTERDAM'',but than smaller.
                          a story with no end.
                          they want for next year the 3 upperdecks ready,but there is still so much to do.
                          they want everything in the original look,want is hard to do ,because the want to go out to sea with people,therefore they have to do at the regulations from this time.
                          after suncking 2 times the have to replace all the wireing, the engine most again looked after ,after she sunck (the first time she sunck was hit by a ship and the scond time thanks to some guys that opend the valves, and every thing was coverd by sendimend)
                          i beliefe that they want to start this year for the first time the engines,
                          forthat he have to be towed to sea,they dont get the permission to start them in the cityharbur after such a long time (pollusion)

                          but the renovation is done by vollanteers??,the money comes from sponsors,
                          companys giving people to help (specialists), cranes are loand for lifting big things or for high places.
                          or buying special ecquipment or tools (the bad anchorwinches that removed will be replaced for the same new ones, for free)

                          but they have a lot of fun,a lot of the vollanteers?? are ex crewmembers who know how it use to be in early days
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                          best regards Thijs


                            okee lets go down to the hart of the ship.

                            i dont remember me all of it, that was told,but i thought that those generators are supplied by a sponsor.

                            1 of 3 generators, 2 already instaled, the therd will instaled after the most is don,fot the space in the engineroom to work.

                            the controle closet ;in her original look, but most of it wont work.
                            the machines of today can use less of meters,so the closet is in function but with the meters in it of today,but everything that is in no use stays for the look.

                            one of the 5 dynamoos???
                            2 to 3 so big as the today dynamo

                            engine controle

                            a image from the time that they get the ship

                            where to start

                            the controle panel,it was now covered while the are working there.

                            the have reuiind the ship for the good cause,as thanks a souveneer.

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                            best regards Thijs


                              starboard engine

                              portside engine

                              in between

                              a engine controlepanel
                              for rpm, coolingwater and oiltempature

                              the portside turbine



                              the valvespring/springvalve?? or what his name may be in english

                              a flywheel?? i know the name in dutch, but in english?

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                              best regards Thijs