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National Maritime Museum, Falmouth

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    National Maritime Museum, Falmouth

    This was a fascinating day-long visit where we took lots of photographs so I've just selected a few to post.

    Drebble Submarine.

    The Drebble Submarine here is a replica of one that is thought to have dived for 3 hours in the River Thames in 1620.

    Information from the museum

    Waterlily- early steam launch.

    Waterlily was built by John Thornycroft in 1866. Information page


      Marine Ranger

      built by 2 Cornish men in the 1970s Information



        there are cabinets full of model boats

        with tremendous detail

        then there was the cabinet with lots of models that, viewed from the side, looked like something out of a dream. Most of the boats are in the cabinet but some of the 'real boats' are also visible

        I really liked the way that a lot of the boats on display are actually hanging from the ceiling. With the design of the building it is possible to look at them from the different levels


          These are stunning! Thanks so much!

          I can't believe that submarine....well, show's that there's nothing new under the sun...

          and the MODELS! What patience and perseverence. I think that all children should have lessons in some hobby or craft such as model building, or knitting, or tiny figure painting.... so few do anymore, and it teaches patience, fine motor skills, patience, creativity, PATIENCE....

          Imagine sitting for hours-if before electricity, by candlelight- delicately carving each piece, stringing the rigging, drilling tiny holes. It's becoming a lost art.


            Thank you so much for giving us all a glimpse of the national Maritime Museum: looks like a new building filled with hours of interesting finds.

            The "Waterlily" is my favorite: such a classical and elegant looking vessel.

            Promise me, that if one day I happen to be around those areas, to be my private guide!
            With best regards from Jan-Olav Storli

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