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    Marine operations in the not so good old days:

    The boats and equipment were a lot simpler and more dangerous back in them days.
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      A video from way back in 1960 showing life on board the tug Zwarte Zee during towage of the 12-legged Jackup rig Mr. Louis from Gulf of Mexico to Bremerhaven:

      At the very beginning there are also pictures of some other early offshore rigs, incl. the earliest LeTourneau 3-legged rig Mr. Cap, easily recognised by the helideck on top of the bow leg. That one later became Chris Seager, working off Brunei, on which I did several rigmoves in 1975-77.


        The final installation on the Johan Sverdrup Field was completed in 72 hrs.:


          For those who like to watch big offshore projects, here is Allsea's own videos from the installation of topsides in the Johan Sverdrup Field last year and last week:

          The Pioneering Spirit is now going back to R'dam to pick up her stinger and on the Baltic to lay pipe for the Nordstream 2 project. (Much to the dislike of Donald Trump)


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            Video working ok here Ivy.

            Indeed a very impressive operation.

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            Stinger is a "ramp" that is used to guide the pipes over the stern of a pipe laying vessel.
            The PS probably have the biggest and heaviest stinger of them all.

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            Still wouldn't work. But I got on to the site's home page where they had thumbnail pics. of their videos and the Johan Sverdrup Field one was there. Watched it and another similar one without any problem! Strange, Cecilia, that you can see it from Ombugge's link yet I can't down here! Excellent viewing, anyway.
            Thanks for the explanations, Ombugge.

          For those who have the time and real interest in Marine operations, heavy lifting, towing and more, here is a link to Capt. Jan Berghuis photo stream on Flicker:

          He has been taking action pictures around the world for many years and is well worth following.