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    hopefully nothing goes wrong next sunday, the ''Sleipnir'' arrivés in Rotterdam sunday the 22th of march,at 7am.
    early start of the day ,
    best regards Thijs


      after hours (from 8.50am til 0.20pm (12.20h) of waiting, it finaly showed up.
      the first image i made

      it had be taking a while before i could see some details.
      ohh, thats is crane vessel ''Sleipnir'', inbound for Rotterdam

      best regards Thijs


      • Ralf__
        Ralf__ commented
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        Uuuh, such long waiting. I wouldn't have been so patient. Do you have any idea, why the left crane is not folded down? I would suggest that this will be much better for wind protection and stability of the platform??

      • janihudi
        janihudi commented
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        As a truckdriver l'm used to wait.
        I don't know why's that, maybe to give it a more impressie look.
        With that massieve platform and 8 langs, i don't think that that crane boom would make much difference.
        Later near the Heerema plant, the second boom was raised.
        Which went pritty quick