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A proud phonecall last week. A proud moment for all of us.

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    A proud phonecall last week. A proud moment for all of us.

    Dear friends,

    I'm really so ecstatic to share some really pleasant news with all of you!

    Last week, I received a phone-call from a very prominent and respectable former Norwegian ship-owner (former CEO), that would like to commend all your wonderful posts on the CV Forum.

    According to him, this is one of the most professional and informative forum on shipping (amongst many other subjects). He commends all of you on the very positive attitude, and the continuously positive sharing of information in a very professional way.

    Furthermore, he states that shipowners today frequently visit such forums, and that different from other similar places (ie. forums), there is a much more educated and professional look to our forum.

    I'm really, really, really honored that he took the time to make this contact, and for all his kind words and support.

    With this call, I would like to thank all members from the bottom of my heart for always staying professional, for the positive posts, and for continuously concentrating on the positive side of things. We are definitely heard of in maritime circles for being a wonderful source to find information and expertise.

    Please, let us continue to stay this way.

    At the same time, let us also repeat some important points to remember:

    1) Always stay polite, stay positive, and be informative in your posts.

    2) Do not judge, criticize or share unwarranted rumors, about persons or companies.

    3) When posting information, try to include source whenever possible.

    4) Do not share information which may be considered confidential or restricted.

    5) Do not say anything that you personally can not say to anyone in person.

    6) Captain is always correct.

    7) When the Captain is wrong, he is still correct.

    Well, with humor in mind, the two last points are perhaps not warranted. ;-)

    Once again, thank you all VERY MUCH: YOU ALL MAKE ME SO VERY PROUD!
    With best regards from Jan-Olav Storli

    Administrator and Owner of CaptainsVoyage.
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