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    Re: To the 'Guests'

    i am there too,but not really my thing aswel.
    but as J-O already said by himself,about less traffic on CV,
    facebook groups is killing forums.

    on the truckmodel builders forum i see the same,builders with a big ego or which don't like others start a facebook group so they can execpt only those who are giving posetive replies at there models.
    so the whole forum is falling apart and which run away have just some of them who follows,or inviting every one execpt the few they don't like.

    but it is just not as pleasent as a forum to follow,with normal sized images instead those postmark sized images on fb.

    lets hope it's just a fling
    best regards Thijs


      Re: To the 'Guests'

      Originally posted by Ralf__ View Post
      It IS FB. If you want to follow the moves of Pakarang, E, HurtigruteMartin and some others, you must watch FB. And maybe Pakarang has some Thai followers, who moved over to FB. That would explain less traffic at Ombugges visit times.
      Well, if these people have no wish to share their happenings and photos with CVF members as they once used to, that's fine by me.

      Originally posted by ombugge View Post
      Well, I am not into Facebook and have no plans of joining, so we need to keep this forum going for like minded members. (And guests)
      I think I said once before that I have twice tried out Facebook. The first time was when a distant relative (discovered by chance during my family history research) invited me so that we could try and start a group for researching our particular branch of the family. It came to nothing so eventually I left. As is well known, you were never able to actually leave FB as they merely archived you. The second time was when apparently some bug got hold of Pakarang's contact list and invited everyone to FB. (That's what I heard, anyway.) So I joined again, only to be welcomed by FB with all my previous info. and few posts intact!
      But I soon decided again that its trivia was not for me and finally fully (I hope) extricated myself, never to return.
      Ombugge, I agree. CVF is not what it was when I joined, but the core members remaining have much to offer - and do. Let's keep it that way, and get back to enjoying its interesting, helpful, and friendly company.

      "To thine own self be true.......
      Thou canst not then be false to any man."


        Re: To the 'Guests'

        Whoops - posted in the wrong place.
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          Re: To the 'Guests'

          Originally posted by wherrygirl View Post
          Well, if these people have no wish to share their happenings and photos with CVF members as they once used to, that's fine by me.
          I guess that "these people" that you so "politely" mention there, is me.... am I not right?? Just say so, if there is anything on your heart ...hmmmmm...... :-/
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            Just browsing around over a morning coffee.
            Found this 8 years old thread, of me trying to reach non members, or guest, as we call them.
            My only thought was to try and get some of the guests to perhaps sign in.
            Eight years ago some of us noticed that the guest numbers was around 50 to 100 on any given day.
            Then, after my post, I might have scared about 50 % of them away... (Yeah, right).
            Today, there are 0 to 5 members and over 1.000 guests on an average day, at least when I check in.
            Can't understand why one or two of thousand wouldn't sign in.
            Just a morning thought...., as we pass 1.270 guests.
            (Just saying, there was an increase of over 700 guests after this post (as if the post had something to do with it all) ;-) ).
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            • Tommi
              Tommi commented
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              if I take a look at the traffic statistics for my local boat club (and this is indeed a very local boat club in Strängnäs, Sweden) during the last week, I see the following top-ten countries when it comes to visitors:
              806 visits: China
              174 visits: Russia
              135 visits: Germany
              122 visits: Sweden (well, these should be our normal visitors...)
              97: The Netherlands
              96: USA
              68: Ukraine
              38: France
              29: Singapore
              21: Brazil

              My own home page shows something similar (with Swedish visitors at place 8...).
              So, I guess that the most 'guests' are just bots and robots scanning the net.
              Mark might have some more insight statistics to analyze?

            • Sterkoder
              Sterkoder commented
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              With those numbers of guests, you are most certainly right, Tommi.
              I stand corrected :-)

            What about this then? On 31 July last year there were 3594 online! Must be the bots, as Tommi says.
            But I tell you what always puzzles me - if you browse through the Membership list and look at the Join Date and Date of Last Visit you will see that they are identical. So why did they join? It's not just the odd one or two, there's masses of them page after page through the years!

            "To thine own self be true.......
            Thou canst not then be false to any man."


              With all these words and small-talk around the guest-theme, I guess..., for me personally..., it's all about missing the "good old days" at CVF. But hey, that's me :-)


              • Clipper
                Clipper commented
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                Even though the forum is less active now, I still feel I have a bunch of friends for life here.

              • Sterkoder
                Sterkoder commented
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                Agree, Clipper. That's true.
                And so I use the forum and I look into it at least a couple of times a day ;-)

              • Ralf__
                Ralf__ commented
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                Me, too! And i am happy that some of us do the same.