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    CaptainsVoyage Forum: One of those hardest things to do in life.

    Dear members, and Dear CVF family,

    Times have changed a lot over the past year(s), and I regret to inform you of the intent to permanently close the doors on CVF.

    We are truly sad that it has come to this, but for quite some time, forums have become quite time-consuming to run, and hard to expand. Our active member base is at an all time low, and for so many different reasons, people have also dropped out.

    We’ve decided that for the amount of use that the site now gets, we can no longer justify the time or money to support it.

    Many of you will have realized that changes in the way that this sort of site works were inevitably going to build up to this point, and also that there is quite a lot of 'behind the scenes' work to keep the platform operating. Other issues such as Photobucket's change of policy regarding third-party links have just made this decision so much more obvious.

    There are some sign-ups every single day, but in 99,9% of the cases, the e-mail adresses used are of known spammers. It takes a lot of time to go through these, and even the 0,1% genuine members never make it to their first post.

    As per web-hoster Webhuset, our long-time "home" will at end of the current paid term, terminate our contract and disappear from the servers from approximately…… I have been told August 30th 2020 +/- a few days.

    We have as of today closed the forum for new members joining.

    We humbly thank you for your past business and support, and wish you all the best for your continued success.

    Before setting off the fireworks, I kindly urge you to take a moment, and reflect on the positive sides of what we have built over the years. It's no understatement that CVF will be deeply missed by many, myself included. The world is fast changing, and all the things we used to love is ending. 2020 has truly been an annus horribilis, and priorities for many of us have changed. There is now much larger focus on maintaining a safe income, a steady job and the close relations of relatives.

    With kindest regards,

    Captain Jan Olav Storli
    With kind regards,

    Jan-Olav Storli
    Administrator and Owner CaptainsVoyage Forum /

    Main page:
    Old forum:

    I've been expecting this for a long time now, as, no doubt, have the others. But I am still devastated. I joined CVF just over 10 years ago because my Kong Olav photos were seen on Flickr. I still remember the friendliness with which members helped me identify some of the photos I had taken on my trip up the Norwegian coast, stretches of water that I could not name! But between them all they supported this newbie and so I was able to post all the pics. But little did I know then what the forum would bring me. All I expected was a showcase and possible discussion for any photos which I may have which could interest others and the chance to see and enjoy what they were doing. But instead I discovered a community, a crowd of people with all manner of interests (other than ships!), a group of folk who laughed, cracked jokes, encouraged each other in their photography and above all was a basis for developing friendships. Some of us were fortunately able to meet, myself included, and this cemented the camaradie which was quickly growing amongst us.
    I have learnt a great deal over these special years with CVF. I was fortunate in that everyone was so skilled in my own tongue, so I had no struggle to understand other languages. Although at the back of my mind I was, of course, aware that many of these folk were of other nationalities, that fact had no significance at all for me. We were as one.
    Even with the very few of us now remaining, there is still this friendship with its banter and exchange of thoughts. All I know now is that there will be a great void in my life.
    It almost goes without saying, although I will say it, and that is to thank Jan-Olav for making all this possible and for both him and Mark working behind the scenes to push CVF through its several technicological struggles from time to time. I cannot say any more.

    "To thine own self be true.......
    Thou canst not then be false to any man."


      Sad, very sad, but i expected this also. It was the lack of interest by the administrators and most active members itself, which brought it to an end. But life and interests are changing and we have to accept that. There will be different ways to communicate and we as close friends will use them hopefully. Many of us are in contact on Facebook, i hope some other will join us there also. So there will be a time after CV.

      But how will we compensate that loss of knowledge, of our pictures, of our history?
      There are so much wonderful travel reports which i reviewed again and again and now it will be gone.
      What about the main page and your blogs? About a year ago, we had some intense discussions in your blogs, but then there followed obviously a period of many travels and flights with nearly no break inbetween and we got lost somehow. Then Cecilia's problems with her hands appeared and so we lost the input of the most frequent travellers in here. Today a lot of activity moved to Facebook.

      Is there a possibility to store some of these wonderful reports and blogs?
      Maybe even more: to build up a platform for these most essential contents.
      With some selected, exclusive members, which share their travels also in future?

      It was such a nice experience to meet Jan-Olav, Thijs, Tommi, Cecilia, Ivy, Bengt, Tom, Svein, Mark, Renny, Eric, Martin, Kristian, Olaf, Carina, Elizabeth, Evelyn and Yves in "real" and it was a really familiar feeling. I will miss that.

      But as you can see, we have so less reactions on such important news after a week (!), there is not much life left in this forum. I was a few days off due to work (1st time since Covid) and just find today the time, but i am surprised, although the title of the thread is a little bit cryptic. Well...
      Lofoten '07 ...... Nordnorge '11


        this started some years ago already,it was just waiting before the last pillar collapsed.
        but the forum was for years hanging on a last string.
        if it is to much to reply to others what are we still dooing here then.
        just thrown in some lines and images ,for what?
        i had seen this on modelbuilders forums too, if the foundersa/ admin and mod lost intrest it's just singing it out
        juss what Ralf said ,so much to tell of facebook ,but they reject there forum
        i came here for the ss Norway but joined in on all other threads,just to be here and follow it all, but also at a surtain time i stopped dooing it.
        love the stories of Ombugge in Singapore, but now he is away there ,he also has not much to show about al those shipping issieus.
        and one by one they walked away including me .
        but this is nothing new,i told this some yaers back already that if it wouldend change it's dead.

        though i have some members from the forum on facebook, the only ones that i have contact with are Ralf, J-O and Cecillia.
        best regards Thijs


          Even if the universe seems to be forever, I suspect that exactly all things will have their beginning and end.

          For me the CVF story begun sometime during the winter 2009-2010 when I was searching for more Hurtigruten pictures after my first coastal journey in 2009. First I just looked at the pictures, but after a while I realised that there was a truly enthusiastic crowd behind this humble forum. Back in those days many activities were still happening on the web. Forums, blogs, and even e-mail was a common way to communicate. For long time I was using CVF much in the same way that FB is used - to read interesting stuff and interact with others. I think that the presence of CVF actually held me off FB for a couple of years. Even if FB has brought me lots, both regarding friends and actifivites, it's not near to the truly genuine community that CVF has been.
          While we actually are located all over the world, I think that uncommonly many of us actually have met in real life, in many different types of occasions. And many times our paths have also crossed due to the tips of destinations that have been shared here.

          The highlight from my perspective was the Autumn cruise 2011. Terrific journey, and so many of the forumers showed up during the way.

          The amount of conversations and information that will disappear from the net is enourmous, I just cannot imagine how many hours we in common have spent typing all these posts to the forum. I hope that The Captain and Mark can store the information and keep it in a box, just to know that it's saved for future archeologists.

          Well, I will drop by here now and then until the bitter end.
          The voyage of our lives will continue, and surely there will be interactions both in the real world as on some other cloud based platforms also in the future.
          I would like to take the opportunity thank you all for the pleasure to be a part of your stories - Bon Voyage!



            I read the « historic » members' posts and I agree with them.

            I'll be very sad when CVF will be definitely closed because it was a part of my life during few years.

            Here, I learnt a lot about subjects I was ignorant, I shared my trips and discovered places all over the world.

            Needless to say I took a great pleasure to play with my little comrads to « where is this place » and I will keep a great memory of my wanderings around some « obscure S-E Asian beaches ».

            Above all, I met great people I can call « my friend » even though I met only few of them in the « real life ».

            I want to pay tribute to Mark's and J-O's hard labour to manage this forum : thank you for your great contribution.

            Special thought to Ivy : frying pan or not, I will be nostalgic for your posts,