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    We have had a flood of new member registrations these past 2-3 days.... all with emails

    Sounds really suspicious to me.
    With best regards from Jan-Olav Storli

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      has there been a forum upgrade in the past weeks?
      was before the CVF screen wide ,i hade now a small forum page

      while the modelbuild forum is still wide

      hmmmm, now i see that on a other forum i also got a small screen

      is this a settings problem or a server problem?
      best regards Thijs


        We haven't changed anything Thijs - in fact we should do at some stage, we're a few versions behind.

        It looks normal on my screen, in fact it looks the same as your screenshot on my screen!



        • janihudi
          janihudi commented
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          ok ,thanks for your answer.
          but as far i remember it was wider,just as that truckmodelforum.
          also that third forum was wider.
          so or i am getting crazy or i'm looking so little time on the forums that i am forgotten how it looks liked.

        • wherrygirl
          wherrygirl commented
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          What are you blathering about, man?