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    Photo Attachments


    I can't work out how to attach a photo. Most forums I belong to allow me to attach direct from my computer files, but here when I try that, I get asked if I want to save something FROM the forum.

    I note that a lot of people keep their photos in Photobucket or Flickr. I have not got an account with either of these. Is this necessary?

    Is there anything else I need to know?

    Many thanks.

    Hi, Bonxie.
    It's a shame, but we can't upload photos direct from the computer. They have to be hosted on somewhere like Flickr or Photobucket. I keep practically all mine on Flickr and only occasionally use the Bucket. On both sites you have to open an account, but you can use the free version without any problem apart from the fact that the usual advertisements appear on screen when you open the site!
    The Flickr freebie allows you 1TB of pics. so that should last you quite a while! I don't know the top limit for Photobucket though it is probably quite high.
    If you decide to go ahead and open an account somewhere then, if you need help, I or one of the others will put you right, though I'm most familiar with Flickr.
    Get posting soon!

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      Many thanks.

      I have no plans (or time!) to set up an outside photo site just yet, so looks like I'm stymied for the time being.

      (I don't "do" social media sites either!!)

      I have quite a few friends who use Flickr or similar, so maybe some time. Meanwhile, they are purely on my computer and memory sticks, etc., with a few having been shared with other forums where I can download direct.