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    Re: "This is your Captain speaking..... "

    Originally posted by wherrygirl View Post
    Yes, but that means work for someone having to sift through all the undesirables which have already registered, whereas if a captcha were used the attempted bot registration would fall at the first fence and never appear in the membership list. Of course, it would still not prevent the individual human spammer from successfully registering.
    One of the major bugs we have right now is that the CAPTCHA function is not working and wont be addressed as an issue since they are trying to push the new version.
    With best regards from Jan-Olav Storli

    Administrator and Owner of CaptainsVoyage.
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      Dear all friends and forumers,

      Just want to let you all know that I might be away for the next 3 weeks. Tomorrow morning, I will be returning to Thailand on an important mission - purely not only a holiday. I have a fully packed program from arrival to departure on October 27th.

      Please do not worry about me, as I know I will be at peace and safe in the country which fills my heart with so much pleasure.

      First thing on the agenda is a visit and surgery at one of Thailand's finest hospitals. This is a surgery that is extremely important for my health to have done as soon as possible, and I can no longer wait in line here in Norway. There is always a slight chance that things may go terribly wrong during any kind of surgery, this one included, but rest assured that I will have the best of doctors and nurses taking care of me there. For all that I know, perhaps the nurses will give me a warm sponge bath afterwards. For those who directs some love and care during the first crucial days, I thank you in advance, and I know I will feel the love from some of you.

      Secondly, I'm going to a private and very exclusive fitness center to get some help and tips in way of toning up my overall shape and body - and naturally, recovering after the hospital stay.

      Thirdly, I will also attend a celebrity wedding in Thailand as "best-man" - something I feel very honored and proud of.

      Forthly, shopping, shopping, shopping and relaxation, relaxation, relaxation will also be added.

      I will also make a journey upcountry with a good friend that is also struggling hard in life, and I will spend some time at one of my most cherished children's homes (orphanage) in Thailand.

      I have a couple of job-interviews to attend, I have dinners to be made, friends to meet, places to see and things to do.

      OH, and I have a photoshoot to do as well - but that will be after I visit the Canon factory and service center in Bangkok for a tour and cleaning! YAAAAYYY!!!

      I had hoped that I would have shared all my "waiting" images with you PRIOR to my trip but all the troubles and work with the forum upgrade delayed me a bit. PoloUK has been a tremendous inspiration and help these past few weeks, and I'd like all of you to forever remember his generosity in the days, weeks and months ahead.

      I would also like to extend a most sincere "thank you" to all that has financially contributed towards the forum in the past few weeks after we got this massive upgrade task underway. When I started that job almost 2 months ago, I knew it would take a lot of time, money and head-shaking before we got to the finish-line, but it was all necessarry if we wanted to stay "alive". The fruits we seem to carry after this upgrade is a wonderful increase in visitors (genuine and new sign up's).

      Please do continue to post in my absence and keep the forum alive - do not depend on me to do so. If you see something online, something interesting or have something to share, please never forget CVF and that you are encouraged to share it here. I know Sterkoder will certainly enjoy seeing you all pulling this "ship" together.

      When I return, I have some 600+ images to share with you, IN ADDITION to those that I most certainly will capture in Thailand this time as well. We have lots to look forward to in the darker months ahead. CVF is alive and will continue to grow as long as you are here!

      So dear all, thank you for taking time to read this and please, if anything should go terribly wrong, know that I treasure and love each and everyone of you - and that what you have created here together with me, is something that I'm really, REALLY proud of. I could not have done it without all of you.

      THANK YOU - and see you all again soon!
      With kind regards,

      Jan-Olav Storli
      Administrator and Owner CaptainsVoyage Forum /

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        I was going to end by saying: "It's been my pleasure being your Captain!"
        With kind regards,

        Jan-Olav Storli
        Administrator and Owner CaptainsVoyage Forum /

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          Our thoughts and prayers go with you, Jan-Olav.

          "To thine own self be true.......
          Thou canst not then be false to any man."


            My support and thoughts and prayers will be with you these coming weeks, and always.
            …and know that I’ll take care of your forum-home for you.


              Hope all goes well - we've got work to do when you come back - reconnecting all those 'un-owned' posts with their owners, and maybe even changing to the latest version of the software!!

              Look forward to having you back renewed and refreshed.




              • wherrygirl
                wherrygirl commented
                Editing a comment
                "..... maybe even changing to the latest version of the software". That's enough to make anyone stay away for good!

              Have a good journey and stay in Thailand, Jan-Olav
              I wish you the very best in every respect.


                Jan-Olav - I don't know you very well, but my thoughts and prayers are with you!
                For the last few weeks I have seen for myself what a lovely and friendly community you have created...
                I look forward to see your Thailand photo's when you come back.

                Take care and hope you manage to have a lovely time!

                We are all time travellers moving at the speed of exactly 60 minutes per hour...


                  have a great journey J-O,have lots of fun,and don't even think that it could be wrong.
                  we're expecting you back over 3 weeks.
                  when you take care of your health,we take care of your forum.

                  best wishes
                  best regards Thijs


                    First of all, thank you very much for sharing this information with us, I'm confident that nothing could be better with you than being home away.

                    I also need to add that I'm pretty impressed about how you're getting the whole picture together. Everything in your plans just makes perfect sense.
                    Please enjoy your stay, and we'll hear from you later.
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                      I keep my fingers crossed for you!!
                      Have a good time.
                      Lofoten '07 ...... Nordnorge '11


                        I wish you all the best J-O.Be sure that during your fight you will stay in our minds.


                          Some might've noticed my absent from CVF during the last weeks. Oh yes, I've been on FB...., but my weeks has limited my time available.
                          All this is water under the bridge, and here I am again, hopefully fully focused.

                          If you read this J-O, my friend..., my thoughts are with you.
                          Yes, I will enjoy very much if all contribute to pull this 'ship' together, as much (if not more) as I will enjoy you to find good health and piece in life.

                          As I said, I'm back, focused and ready to post again. Search CVF for my images from a resent trip on hurtigruten ;-)
                          "IF GOD COULD MAKE ANGELS...., WHY IN HELL MAKE MAN?"


                            Good luck, Captain, come home strengthened in body and faith - and if you bring some good Canon news as well, that would be wonderful...!
                            Regards; Sigve.
                            IF I WIN IN LOTTO, I COULD GO EVERYWHERE. WITH FRAM....


                              Well, I have just read all of your opening post, Jan-Olaf, and was sorry to hear much of it. Obviously a sad time, especially funeral arrangements. Well done for trying to turn round the positives in your life - and on the weight loss! You are an inspiration. Hope you've shaken off those site bugs.