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MS Nordstjernen - The last voyage, Svalbard to Bergen Aug 2012

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    Beautiful pictures, Linda, of wonderful scenes. I was struck by #57.2 showing the1920 position of the glacier. What a difference! And that moody atmosphere at #59.4 is mesmerising.

    "To thine own self be true.......
    Thou canst not then be false to any man."


      Early in the morning on 1st September we arrived in a grey and damp Bergen with MV Discovery sailing in behind us.

      The new Fishmarket


        We had a day to spend in Bergen so first stop was my favourite shop in Bergen, 'Julehuset'!

        then we headed for Floyen for views of the harbour and to watch the afternoon arrival of the Hurtigruten, MS Nordlys.


          We had one more day in Norway, there was one journey we had always promised ourselves we would do, the railway from Bergen to Oslo. So, the next morning we set off on a seven hour train journey from Bergen.

          Voss Station

          Myrdal Station

          Finse Station



            Gol Station

            Almost the end of the journey and yet one more surprise in store


              I'm really enjoying your trip presentation, just nice feelings.


                Thanks everyone for your kind comments and I have enjoyed reliving the trip and putting this thread together. Now when I have time I will work on a thread for our holiday last year across British Columbia and cruising the Alaskan coast.


                  I have to apologise for not joining in before. That's a lovely set of pictures, and brings back some wonderful memories.
                  I am giving myself a slap, and will promise to try and find time to post a few photos of my own.

                  The trouble is, we have had so little time to spare for anything other than trips away!

                  (Firmly in the "do what you can while you can" mode)


                    Hi there Bonxie and I'm delighted you've made it here eventually - it was most unfortunate that we were having such problems with the forum board new software after I'd caught up with you again in Tromsø. (It's still a bit temperamental, but just ask if you get stuck with anything.)

                    Very much hope to see some photos of your trips here, but no need to punish and slap yourself - well I would say that wouldn't I as I'm particularly prone to successively overlapping trip reports with further trips and other diversions! (In fact I ought right now to be sorting out photos of your home island from last year’s Fram trip!)