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    Hello from France


    I am new to this forum and I guess I need to introduce myself. I live in Paris, France.

    I first saw a Hurtigruten ship in the distance during my first short trip to Norway in 2006 and I said to myself "one day, it could be interesting to try and do a cruise like this".

    I did not know It would affect me so much later and that I would become a returning customer (I travelled three times on board a Hurtigruten ship already and the fourth voyage is booked).

    I love travelling and at one point in my life I had trouble walking.. I thought a cruise was the best way for me to enjoy a holiday then, enabling discovery with minimum effort. I can say that I got better while up there, because my body must have forgot about the discomfort while I was watching those incredible landscapes. Now I am fine but I seem to have become a Hurtigruten and also polar cruise addict!

    Here are the details of my Hurtigruten travels:
    - 2010: MS Nordlys in March (Bergen-Kirkenes) and MS Nordkapp in November (Bergen-Kirkenes-Svolvaer).
    - 2011: MS Kong Harald in April (Bergen-Kirkenes-Trondheim).
    - 2013: I booked a Bergen-Kirkenes-Trondheim trip on board MS Lofoten. I wanted to travel on an old ship at least once - and try and enjoy marvellous winter lights again (I really enjoyed my November trip on the brink of polar night).

    I love the daily routine on board, with so many stops and the possibility to witness daily life in Norway.

    I hope to contribute to this forum in a way because I found interesting information here and this is all about exchange.

    I saw that there are members from France and I seem to already "virtually" know some of them (they will probably recognize themselves ;-)

    I am looking forward to exchanging with you.

    Re: Hello from France

    Welcome, PanjiS. I know that you will find plenty to enjoy on CVF. My only trip on a Hurtigruten was on the old Kong Olav in 1990, and I understand exactly what you mean when you speak of the daily routine on board with so many stops. Sometimes they are of, maybe, half an hour, then somewhere else a whole morning as I enjoyed in Trondheim. And it really does give you the feeling of being for a short time part of daily life in Norway, seeing cargo and local passengers coming on board. There is nothing quite like it.
    Have a good browse round and then, I hope, you will show us some of your photos. Good luck.

    "To thine own self be true.......
    Thou canst not then be false to any man."


      Re: Hello from France

      Hello Ivy! Thanks for the welcome. Glad to hear you can relate to my description of the daily routine. Speaking of it, I guess I feel like home in those ships. You really do want you want. The mix of short and long stops is quite enjoyable. I hope I'll enjoy the experience on MS Lofoten as well and I hope to meet nice people on board!


        Re: Hello from France

        A very big welcome from me PanjiS!

        I have been a bit preoccupied these last couple of days, and it was a real treat to return here to find all your interesting posts and photographs.

        Two of our French members have also voyages on Lofoten to look forward to, and we are all looking forward to sharing their experiences. You are SURE to meet interesting and like-minded people onboard your trip –a traditional ship is like that. Come to think about it, that’s also rather like it is aboard our virtual ship CaptainsVoyage!


          Re: Hello from France

          Hello Seagull! Glad to meet you too! (and to see that a forum like cvf can make you feel good despite the difficulties of real life sometimes!)
          About the French members going on board Lofoten, who is the second one ? (I know that Sarnia is going - and ... ?)
          I'm glad I eventually came to this forum. I'm coming back from a trip up north, but not with MS Fram. I am still caught in the fresh memories of it but now my next trip with Hurtigruten is becoming real again thanks to you... I am starting to look forward to it already!


            Re: Hello from France

            Quick reply PanjiS because (lunch is nearly cooked!)...
            It is Yves – yvneac – who has a voyage on Lofoten.
            Click here to read all about it!


              Re: Hello from France

              Thank you Seagull for the info! That's great...


                Re: Hello from France

                Bonjour PanjiS et bienvenue à bord.
                I am not an historic member of CVF , only here since last February , but I became quickly addict in spite of my limited English and my congenital handicap with computers tools.
                I found my way here by loving Coastal Line and by reading TOILAPOL’s blog (our French pope of Hurtigruten).You will get here all you want to know about this “beautiful voyage” but also learn a lot about Norway and his maritime life. Furthermore you could have aesthetic thrilling with pics. from our great photographers and maybe share your owns :inland navigation and activities on Seine river have to be shown. As a former Parisian I can attest that boats are a part of the city setting.
                In her post Cecilia told you that I am one of the two frenchies expecting a cruise aboard MS Lofoten.I will embark 31th of October for a northbound.I feel rather impatient!


                  Re: Hello from France

                  Yves, glad to meet you! I think your English is rather good !
                  One of the reason I'm going back in winter is that I really enjoyed my November navigation along the Norwegian coast. It was probably the one with the deepest feelings for me, despite the days being so short. It was late November but I guess that early November you already have very beautiful lights in the morning and evening... I will be looking forward to your feedback. It comes real soon for you! Have a very nice trip!
                  I know about Toilapol -> he is partly "responsible" for my initial addiction to the far north I guess
                  We could make the club of the crazy-French-Hurtigruten addicted people.. But is is more fun to part of an international club I guess .
                  Looking forward to sharing with you and with other members as well!


                    Re: Hello from France

                    Dear Valérie
                    Before your trip aboard Lofoten I suggest you ask as a Christmas gift a nice little book just edited at Cosmopole Editionictionnaire insolite de la Norvège.
                    Written by a French journalist,lover of Norway it's plenty of informations about day-to-day life.
                    Lovely to read it by a rainy sunday!


                      Re: Hello from France

                      Hello Yves,
                      Thank you very much for the suggestion, this is great ! I had not heard of it. I think I'm going to write Santa Claus this afternoon