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    Genral status update thread

    I didn't quite find a appropriate thread for this, but I just want to say that I'm busy with all kinds of "real world fun stuff" for the moment, so updating and commenting here on CVF is getting a bit down prioritized for the moment.
    I want to say to you all that I just love to quickly pop in and read and see all good pictures posted, but that I seldom have the time to comment all your great work.
    I have some nice reportages coming up within a couple of weeks, just hold on for a while!

    Re: Genral status update thread

    That’s such a sweet post Tommi, and you know I think we all feel a bit like that at this time of year…perhaps especially when the weather is so stop/start….I keep getting a few days of …well, winter would describe it – and then a few days of SUMMER and I just have to get out and make the most of it. But I had seen your posts and pictures taken in Stockholm and it felt like a real togetherness CVF moment when those Dutch ships suddenly turned up here! And I’m sure the same in reverse for many of our CV family when I seemed to be exporting cruise ships to Norway!


      Well, I never thought I needed a thread of this kind, with this tile, to inform or update my status, but anyway....
      My status update is that I just lost my job today. Not unexpected when working in the oil indusrty with a price of just under $30 tonight for one barrel of oil from the North Sea.

      I've had 8 great years as an NDT technician, but at age 53, what the **** do I do now?
      Time will show, just wanted to tell you all.

      Guess I will still be in here, but I'm not sure how often because the main thing now is to search for a job.


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        Very sorry about the job loss and I hope something turns up in the (near) future. After all, you are only 53 years young....

      • yvneac
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        Well Svein,I don't know what can I say.Just hope you will find a new job quickly, in the field you like.

      Really sorry to hear that Sterkoder. Good luck in the search, we'll be thinking of you.



        Sorry to hear about that. I was more or less in the same situation this time last year, although in a lot more planned way.
        It's too late in the evening to write long messages, but one thing I just want to say: One should never be afraid for changes.


          Thank you so much for you thinking about me.
          I'm not negative and far from broken, and just at this point, I only see the positive in this sentense: OPPORTUNITYISNOWHERE

          Many see OPPORTUNITY IS NOWHERE when loosing a job. Personally I see only OPPORTUNITY IS NOW HERE

          Been talking to a customer of mine (us) and will visit them again Thursday. (You might have heard about Oceaneering Asset Integrity)
          Then there are two 100% positions vacant as a truck/lorry driver and renovation operator in Kristiansund municipality. Have to apply and that means digging deep for my CV.

          Got the letter of redundance today, and the meeting where I have a chance to contradict the content is tomorrow.
          Technically I will not get the final message about my position being redundant until next Thursday the 21st January.


            Sorry to hear that, but it is not the end of the road. I was in a similar situation in the last downturn in the Oil & Gas industry, back in the early 1990s. I lost my job for a company in Singapore with 4 rigs under management, but eventually with all in layup. There were little use for a Marine / Rig Manager so I went from a 24/7 job to nothing and without the safety net you have in Norway.
            With the job also went the company car, so I had to get used to manage without, which was as hard to get used to as anything. But I did and has never owned a car since.

            Although the oil price is down and falling it is not the end of the world. Many other industries in Norway has an advantage because of the weak NOK and are hiring staff. If you are not picky I don't think you will have much of a problem to find a new job. Meanwhile you may need to become a "NAVer".

            Best of luck!!!


              So very sorry to see this dear Sterkoder, but cheered by your spirit of "opportunity is now here" in your post #6.
              Believe me, it is a hugely positive time in life for those with such an outlook - if I'd been told when I was 53 (at a period of changing circumstances and decisions) what I would have achieved professionally by the time I was 63 I would have been amazed! - a great decade. And I see there is more good advice drawn from personal experiences in other posts here.
              So yes, get that CV spruced up and out there (you may need versions with differing emphasis, depending on the kind of jobs you are applying for).

              We will all be thinking about you .


                It was sad to hear Sterkoder that you lost your job
                But I am sure that with your enthusiasm you will find a new job within a reasonable time.
                I wish you good luck in your job search


                  Dear Svein, have only just looked in and found your news. It would have come as a shock even if you may have been harbouring a worry. But, shock over, I applaud your interpretation of OPPORTUNITYISNOWHERE. Atta boy, you'll find something soon and from what Ombugge says hopefully it shouldn't be too difficult. The very best of luck and keep your pecker up!

                  "To thine own self be true.......
                  Thou canst not then be false to any man."


                    I'm happy and thankfull for your supporting comments. Thank you! I'll keep you posted
                    "IF GOD COULD MAKE ANGELS...., WHY IN HELL MAKE MAN?"


                      Oh, dear Sterkoder!

                      I'm so terribly sorry to hear your job becoming redundant. As if it woud be any comfort, a lot of my seagoing friends and aquaintances have also become redundant in the past few months, and I have myself been on the verge as my employer reduced ferry service from 3 to 2 ferries on the fjord here. We are not in the clear yet either, with additional salary cuts and more working hours, more travelling. A new shift system with 2 weeks on and 3 weeks off means less work and less money, but more work during the two weeks we are "on".

                      But back to you and your situation. Two prominent things that spring to my mind, and which I strongly feel you should put on your CV or put into a business of some kind: photography, and your amazing drawings. Particularly when it comes to your drawings, you should create a website and start selling those. You have an amazing talent and I know many people which will pay to have their own copies. Make it a business. Take orders, make drawings.... orders and general category. Put a humorous spin on them and you are on the right way.

                      No matter what happens ahead, a multi-talented man like you have so many opportunities that many other doesn't have.

                      Fight and stay healthy, my friend, and if there is anything I can do for you, you have to let me know right away.
                      With best regards from Jan-Olav Storli

                      Administrator and Owner of CaptainsVoyage.
                      Main page:

                      Surround yourself with positive, ethical people who are committed to excellence.


                        Thank you, Jan-Olav.
                        Having a "gray day" today after a not too nice week, but it's only temporary, I hope.

                        Having someone belive in you and making comforting, positve comments, make the ropes one has to grab a hold of when "falling"
                        The unemployment in Norway will become the largest number ever recorded, the "experts" belive, so I'm not alone. But that's because the country haven't had anything else than oil and gas on its mind since the first black drops surfaced in the late 1960s early 1970s.
                        The salmon-business being an exception, but we need more landbased business. Right now the price of 1 kg salmon is higher than 1 barrel of North Sea oil, so...., time has changed.

                        Anyway, I need this weekend to digest the new situation, then start my walk down the wall to find the next door....
                        "IF GOD COULD MAKE ANGELS...., WHY IN HELL MAKE MAN?"


                          Oh sh*t, that was bad news. But I'm sure you will come out of this situation, one way or another!
                          Regards; Sigve.
                          IF I WIN IN LOTTO, I COULD GO EVERYWHERE. WITH FRAM....


                            Hope is always present, Sigve :-)
                            Just had contact with a journalist guru from Kristiansund, a real "newspaper-and-magazine-man", turning 67 tomorrow.
                            He's full of life and energy, he's innovative, young at heart and have a dream and big plan for what he will start doing now, turning a pensioner.
                            Told him my "problem" and in a job-seeking situation, how difficult it can be when I'm young in my brain, but 53 in all official records.
                            The guy came back to tell me he has experience hireing "old" people, also over 60, at great success...., so he told me we must stay in contact. You see, the hope is here...
                            "IF GOD COULD MAKE ANGELS...., WHY IN HELL MAKE MAN?"


                            • Tommi
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                              When that topic comes along I often myself telling a story like this:
                              "Say, if you were a manager and was hiring one person to your company and you had two persons to choose from. The first was 30 and the second was 59. It might be obvious that you wouldn't want to hire the second one due to the short time to pension. But, have you ever considered that if you hire the older person you will get a employee that is experienced, that has realistic thoughts about work, and you get a person that for sure will work for you until his/her retirement.
                              The 30 years old? Well probably hungry for new challenges, has kids that needs attention, makes more mistakes and probably want's to change job anyway within 3-8 years. So the younger age is absolutely no advantage, but of course there could be other stuff - like personal properties and similar"