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How did you arrive at Captains Voyage?

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    How did you arrive at Captains Voyage?

    A question for everyone. On this forum we have many many members with such varied interests. I have often wondered how we all found our way to the forum?

    I myself first found Jan-Olav's original 'Captains Voyage' website. I found that whilst searching for information regarding the much missed S.S Norway. From there i found the forum.

    So how did the rest of you arrive at the forum?
    Your charts, your radar, your eyes and ears - if all 4 agree, you may proceed with caution.

    Steve, good idea - i remember we hat a similar thread in the old forum:

    So a lot of us have presented us and our way to CV already here. Enjoy.

    My way to CV??


    Lofoten '07 ...... Nordnorge '11


      Ah yes, i remember that thread. Having just looked at the first few pages of it i find it to be very diluted, it was used for new members to introduce themselves, and our Captain often posted lists of the newest members. I also noticed that many members did not include how they stumbled upon the C.V.F.

      I thought i would start this new thread here just to find out how people found there way here. The internet is so interesting, you often start by looking for onething, and along the way you often find other very interesting things. I was just curious to know how people found there way to the forum, rather than the full introduction we used to have at the old forum.

      Your own example - Hurtigruten, wonderful! I imagine that would be the route for many people that arrived here.
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      Your charts, your radar, your eyes and ears - if all 4 agree, you may proceed with caution.


        I was looking for Hurtigruten


          I've answered it before, I think..., and I belive it was an e-mail from Jan-Olav about the Royal Yacht "Norge" which led me to CVF.
          I joyned 22. June 2006, and I just found my first post; pictures taken of the yacht in Kristiansund.

          Here's the memorable first words from our captain to me:

          First of all, welcome to Sterkoder.

          I think you have managed to get some really amazing shots of the royal yacht and the royal family and I'm sure there are many people out there in the world who will enjoy these shots as much as I do.



            I think it will be interesting to see how everyone found their way here, Sterkoder's will be one of the more unusual routes i think, S.S Norway and Hurtigruten will be high scorers, but i wonder what other routes and subjects led members to find the forum?

            Shall be good to hear how others arrived.
            Your charts, your radar, your eyes and ears - if all 4 agree, you may proceed with caution.


              Very interesting thread

              My way to CVF is also quite interesting.

              I think it all started that I was searching on google, trying to find some info about the former Hurtigruten-ship POLARLYS (1952).

              The strange and unknown name "" appeard on my screen.

              I remember I thought it was my lucky day

              In two days I was reading about the man behind this extraordenary web-site, called Jan-Olav Storli.

              WOW, I thought. A man who shared many of my interests.

              I was curiouos about that man. Andwanted to get in contact with him. So I started to search his name on Facebook.

              To my very surprise I found out that we, at that time, already had 2 common facebook-friends. My childhood-friend and former neighbour, Thomas, and even my own brother, Svein.

              I emidiately called my brother. And he told me that both he and Thomas had worked together with Jan-Olav on SS Norway. And he also suggested that I should try to add J-O on my friendlist on Facebook.

              And my brother also said a beautiful thing to me: IF YOU CREATE FRIENDSHIP WITH JAN-OLAV, YOU GOT A TRUE FRIEND FOR LIFE

              So I wrote amail to this Jan-Olav on Facebook. And got the most pleasent feedback from him, where he himself introdused me to his CV-Forum, and suggested a membership for me.

              So my way to CVF started with a google-search on a ship. Then went through my brother and facebook. And ended up with a personal suggestion directly from the man behind.
              Our own beloved Captain.

              And I am VERY greatful
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                A really good idea for a thread, Steve. I came on board in response to an invitation from Gaelsail. I had started uploading my Oz photos to Flickr so that friends could see them all, then that led on to the Kong Olav trip I had in 1990 and now I post everything - nearly. Then one day I was surprised to receive a mail from Gaelsail via Flickr, where she also has her photostream, inviting me to post my Hurtigruten photos on CVF, which at that time I knew nothing about. See post from Gaelsail and Pakarang's reply
                I had a good browse around the site, liked what I saw, joined, and there followed a wonderful time when everyone helped me to ID many of the places in my photos, where I had gaps in my notes. That done, I did my thread A salute to the M.S.Kong Olav
                In a weeks time I'll be celebrating my first anniversary of being a CVF-ite!

                "To thine own self be true.......
                Thou canst not then be false to any man."


                  I am becoming amazed already by the various routes that people took to find their way here.
                  HurtigruteMartin, i am not at all surprised that your way here was connected with Hurtigruten in someway, but very surprised at the facebook twists, fantastic stuff!

                  And wonderful to learn how Wherrygirl arrived via Flickr and Gaelsail. (Now we know who we can blame for all the 'frying pan' bashing!)

                  So that's another two arrivals connected with Hurtigruten, i think that route will be hard to beat.
                  Your charts, your radar, your eyes and ears - if all 4 agree, you may proceed with caution.


                    Searching for everything about the SS Norway was the reason that I found CV.
                    I joined 23 Feb 2007 after sneaking around as a guest for some time.

                    If at first you don’t succeed, skydiving is not for you...


                      Originally posted by Steve.B View Post
                      ....So that's another two arrivals connected with Hurtigruten, i think that route will be hard to beat.
                      …and I think it’s rather well known that I’m also the Hurtigruten route – but not absolutely directly. There was something or other happening at the time to do with NN or Fram I think it was. I clearly remember I was about to switch off my computer that night, and then thinking no, I’ll just have a further look around. Up came a Norwegian ship forum, and I feebly tried to make some sense of it from my very slight sprinkle of Swedish …and then I clicked on a link in a post from a guy called Sterkoder….and up popped CV.

                      Later on I promised Sterkoder that if we ever met I owed him a beer, but when the opportunity eventually arose, a beer seemed scarcely adequate. So a bottle of best Scottish whisky found its way to Norway.


                        If I may be permitted to say so, I'm so deeply humbled and fascinated by all your stories on how you came to know this place. Thank you all for being a part of my world-wide family and for sticking around for such a long time. I have no idea in this world how I would have made it so far without all of you: you all make me so proud of what we all have accomplished together.

                        How did I find my way to this forum?

                        It was about 6-7 years ago I first tried out something that was called a forum, and quickly got hooked on the massive amount of information they contained. I thought to myself, it was an awesome way of communicating and sharing knowledge with others that had the same interest.

                        At the time, I tried hanging around a now closed Norwegian forum which I do not remember the name of any longer. Then, out of the blue, they closed down and I tried an another forum (Norwegian) one but was soon scolded by the long-time members of that place.

                        I thought to myself, I will create my own place, and I promised that my own place there should be no yelling, shouting, name-calling, and no harassing of any kind. I wanted to create a place where we share the positive aspects of our interests, and where we leave the negative thoughts to ourselves. A place where politeness reigned high on the agenda, all the time.

                        We started with the old forum, a free forum, and we called it CaptainsVoyage Online Magazine.

                        Then, quite some time later, we got hacked by someone from the middle-East and we lost control... but only for as long as a very dear Thai friend of mine managed to hack it back to us. But by that time, I had pledged to buy a purchased forum platform and grow up (in a way).

                        And, that is where we are today...

                        I have high aspirations to grow bigger, to become more friendly whilst still keeping the friendly family atmosphere. I dream of a day where there are more members sharing more pictures and stories... I dream of expanding the photo section especially with more world class and also amateur photographers as me.

                        The reason why I would love the photo sections to grow more is because of my own interest in photography lately: despite a lack of motivation right now (a so-called dry-spell), this is the one thing that has kept me from loosing my sanity during the more difficult times of my life.

                        In closing, I would like to express my most sincere thank you to all of you that are making this such a wonderful place to be. You all know who you are, and you all deserve only the best in life because you are all truly wonderful people!

                        Thank you!

                        With best regards from Jan-Olav Storli

                        Administrator and Owner of CaptainsVoyage.
                        Main page:

                        Surround yourself with positive, ethical people who are committed to excellence.


                          Wow---how DID I find CVF???

                          (As I sit here in the computer room of the Serenity waiting on breakfast, lol)

                          I made friends on Facebook with Serenity's chief officer when I was on my first world cruise segment...then saw HIS friends on Facebook, and saw the link from Serenity to Symphony....asked his former boss, some guy named Jan-Olav, a few questions about Symphony before I got on her for the first time....found out Jan-Olav was moving from Thailand back to Norway...was able to answer some questions he had about moving, as I had done it so much.....and, lo and behold, just LOOK what happened.

                          How you all have changed my life.

                          You all are so precious and dear to me!!!!


                            I joined 23. March, 2009 and now, nearly two years and 2,700 post later I'm scratching my head to try to remember how I arrived at CVF, but i cannot rightly recall.
                            Probably stumble across it while searching for something, be it regarding Hurtigruten, Cruise Ships or whatever.

                            The oldest posting I have found is from 26. March, 2009 in a thread called "Which ship is this?". (Started by me) asking for the earlier history for a ship called the Leisure World. She was quickly identified as ex Skyward.

                            I remember I had great big problem posting the first picture, but I got help from other members to figure out the process.

                            By the way, when searching for my earliest post I found that the picture of Leisure World and the Long Ji had disappeared. (They have now been re-instated)


                              Re: How did you arrive at Captains Voyage?

                              First time I found CV was some years ago , while searching for the HSC "Fjordprinsessen"(1977) when I first found the old forum. I found the case about the 4-5 HSCs in Burma on NRK, and a link to the old forum. I checked it out, but decided to not join this unknown forum.

                              Last year, forum-member Fjordtroll(Joakim A) told me about a great forum I should check out, and sent me a link to Captainsvoyage-forum. I later reailized that this was the forum I found some years earlier. I joined, but didn't post anything for some months. I remeber posting something in the Ferry thread about "Helgøy" and in the HSC thread about "Skåskjær", but after that I went silent on CV, until I got a photobucket account. Now, 239 posts later and tons of pictures, I don't regret joining And since summer time is photo time, 239 posts more will easily come within a year
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