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    Hello all of you out there
    In these difficult times for some, how are you?

    Norway is closing down by closing the airports and harbors for foreigners and abroad travelling, and many municipalities, among them Kristiansund, are now planning to close their borders.

    Me and my family is ok and not affected by the virus..., yet. Knock on wood!

    Anyway, I really hope everything is fine with you and take care in the near future

    Thank you for your post. Nice to hear you are in good health. Same for us. Waiting for our President's speech tonight.


      Thanks Sterkoder for starting the thread, I was thinking of something similar yesterday, but there wasn't no time to get to it.

      Here in Sweden things are also evolving far too fast.
      The interesting is however how few restrictments we have so far. Gatherings with more than 500 participants are forbidden, and there are recommendations to not meet people over 70 in age and restrict meeting other people.
      A lot of people are working from home, and in my profession as a Project Manager, the biggest difference for me personally is (I'm often working off-site anyway) that I don't meet my nice collegues in real life - only online.
      In general, the Swedes are not so much affected or restricted.

      But off course, there are many impacts for the society. No one is travelling, and a lot of smaller happenings are cancelled.
      Toilet paper is available for purchase - but you might occasionally need to search for it.

      Rising my view a bit and thinking about the coming time, I hope that humanity will learn a lot of about our world, how tigthly small and big things are connected to eachother, and how fragile the balanced life on our planed really is. I'm not afraid, not too bothered either, mostly faschinated observing things that I just cannot control.
      I'm totally convinced that within a number of weeks - may it be 4, 8, 16 or more - we will end up in some kind of "new everyday life".
      It will not be too different from what we're used to, but still it will not be the same for long time - if ever.

      There is no workshop manual for how to handle this situation, but there are several good ways forward. The different solutions in the different parts of the world are hopefully a result of good adaption of the necessary measures needed in different countries and cultures.
      I'm also noticing many good signs from China and other countries, where things are already starting to get back to something more normal, but here - the worst is still to come, on all levels.
      I believe that it's important that we do our best to keep the wheels rolling, without risking health. It is a nasty disease, but the most significant impact on most people will not be sickness, but the changed everyday life due to loss of social and economical security and work.

      Stay safe - Stay streetwise!


        Here in France since yesterday the authorities have decided a total containment at home for everybody. Except to buy food (with conditions). No meetings, no schools, cinema and theaters closed of course.
        There will be economic consequences since a part of the population can't go to work.
        As said our president yesterday :it is a war.
        Maybe it's a bit emphatic but the goal is to make people conscious of what is at stake in the present emergency situation. Even though the French health organization is efficient it has its limit (material and human) so we must avoid the overcrowding in the hospitals. Then respect the rules!


          Canada has now closed its borders. The only airports accepting international flights are Montreal, Toronto, Calgary and Vancouver. The PM also anounced that Canadians abroad have until Wednesday to return or they may not get in. Canada/US boarders will remain open for trade and essential services only. Restaurants, bars, casinos, theaters etc etc etc will be closed.


            I am working office based now. Companies also in Germany do not allow visits. But we have video or phone conferences, e-mail etc., so for me it is no problem. At least it is less driving and more time. Yes, we can slow down a while. But nobody knows how big economy will be influenced.
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              Since we may choose our place of containment I left Caen to stay in my country side house where I have a lot to do in the garden. Sunshine, fresh air... I don't moan.
              The rules:
              You have to stay at home but you may go out to :
              Work (depends of which work it is)
              Buy food
              Health reasons
              Help desabled people.
              Have a physical activity (sport walk) close to your home if it is individual
              Each time you go out you must fill out a form with your name adress the reason you go out. Date and hour.
              To be submitted in case of control. Otherwise fines (135 euros).


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                If you have a dog, you have to fill out that form for each walk. Or will it be sufficient if you just keep on changing the date? As we heard in our radio station, your authorities do have no answer yet to that question...

              • yvneac
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                One form per day.
                Since I don't have animals, I asked my friend to rent his dog. Négociations open!

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                Oh, well done,Yves

              Not even the Northern Light can beat the panic that has stricken the world over the SARS-CD2 virus. The panic, if not the virus itself, has reached even remote parts of the Arctic:


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                It is astonishing, how quick the people are stating, that they will not survive. They didn't even try!

              Latest statistics:

              Pls- note that the more tests that is carried out the more accurate the numbers.
              Also: In terms of cases per mill. population China and other countries with large populations comes out better, (China 56 cases/Mill while the Vatican w/1 case has 1248 cases/Mill.)

              Population density in urban vs. rural area is also a factor in the risk of contracting COVID-19 but not near as high as the mitigating effect of testing, early isolation and good health system


                Singapore close boarders to short term visitors and transit pax.:
                This is drastic measures for a transport hub and open economy like Singapore.

                The latest reports and statistics from Singapore show a rapid increase in imported cases since Europe and North America became hotshot of COVID-19 infections:


                  Superstition and the Corona virus:


                    Everything OK here in the Clipper household. A cousin has had it (at least he believes so) and survived but he said it was pretty bad. I went to my bank yesterday - which I think was legal but it's unclear- and the town centre was like a ghost town. People have started to take lock-down seriously.
                    Harald Jarl, Honningsvag to Svolvaer, Summer 1985.
                    Deck plan geek.
                    The first 5 days after the weekend are the toughest.


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                      Welcome on board Clipper.

                    Quite tight restrictions here in Switzerland. Restaurants etc. are closed, only basic needs shops (grocery and the like) are allowed to be open; supermarkets have to cordon off non-food aisles. Gatherings of more than 5 people are forbidden. Ship/boat transport on the lakes and rivers has stopped for now, see for example the Lake Lucerne information (in English):

                    The measures will be in effect until April 19 at least. It seems likely that there will be an extension.

                    Luckily, I'm well and healthy, all my family members too. Best wishes, good health to you all!