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11 novembre

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    11 novembre

    11 Novembre 2018. 100 years ago the first world war ended. Even though it is natural to love our country and culture, it is an appropriate day to remind that nationalism means death.

    Oh, absolutely, Yves. I gave a wry smile to myself when your President made his remark about defending Europe against three adversaries - one of them being the USA. In Trump's view insulting as many other world leaders as possible is the main thrust of his "America first" campaign.
    I don't often get political, but dread to think where all his drum beating is leading.
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      100 years anniversary for the end of WW1 is something we all should spend at least a moment to think about.

      It's an event which clearly has made the foundations to the world we live in today.

      And I agree with wherrygirl too.... where is the this going to end: the leader of the largest military force in the world, behaving just slightly more mature than a spoiled infant.

      I'm shocked at his antics, and that he seems to get away with it again and again.
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        The French/German TV channel "arte" showed yesterday Michael Moore`s film "Where to invade next". I think, it is worth to watch. And i think, Ivy, you are right. I am asking myself the same - and i am disappointed with the mid-term-election results. These results show, that they do not realise the danger. I am not happy these days about this worldwide development.
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