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    I look in most days but have been struck by the fact that there have been no new posts. Not from me either, I admit. I intend to do a new thread on my trip to the USSR years ago, which, although it has no photos at all, things like my happy encounters with various Russians may interest some. The idea to post it was sparked off by Yves' great thread on his river trip to Russia recently. I will get going on it soon. But will there be anyone around to read it?
    Also Nari hasn't posted for ages. I sent her a message via CVF some time ago because I was concerned over how things were in her area with the terrible bush fires. But there has been no reply.
    Anyway, Good-day, Ombugge, how are you doing? Are you in Norway or Singapore? Was the New Year celebrated in the latter as usual or was it cancelled as in much of China?

    "To thine own self be true.......
    Thou canst not then be false to any man."


      I'm here too - but nothing particularly exciting to share!

      I am missing the Svalbard programme a lot though, was very happily plodding around on Spitsbergen. Found that I sat down for 5 minutes, and realised the time 1/2 hour later.

      Re Ombugge's post, won't be long before all of Singapore is MRT!



        Like Mark, I'm still here but Nothing exiting in my every day life to share….
        Of course I had a look to NRK programme. Great scenaries and atmosphere. Like to ear norwegian even though I can't understand.
        Waiting for your trip in USSR, Ivy.


          I'm here..., several times pr. day. But no new comments, no new postings, no new nothing.
          Try to make some traffic in her by posting from the city, a bit on the ferry thread, and a fe other places.
          It's kind of, not sad, but a time for reflection when some say there's not happening anything interesting to share..., I mean; in life? Is life that dull?
          Oh, anyway, I'm not the one to have any thoughts about what others should or should not do.
          As I said many times, I'm a little bit saddened by the way CVF has turned out, not how it is or what content there is, but when it comes to activity.

          Have a nice day folks, and take a look at our two great live cams on YouTube (Live cam Kristiansund). M/S Black Watch is in harbor today and thus start the cruise season 2020 in this city

          (Why there's no picture from me on that 'exiting' thing? My car is at the garage for a heavy service today and my Pentax is left at home).


            Dull ??? Absolutely not.These days I read again La Fontaine and it's a great pleasure that delight me. But it's not easy to photograph that.


            • Sterkoder
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              No, dull is not the correct word, but as 'nothing exiting' came up, I could not find another ;-)
              But, you (we all) don't need to do photography and post pictures to make others satisfied..., write a story, write a poem or something.
              CVF might not be like we know it from the "old days", but I'll do my part :-D

            • wherrygirl
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              See my post above at #106, Svein.

            • Sterkoder
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              Post #106 is read ;-)
              Even Norway is a direct neighbor to Russia, up north, I don't know very much about the country, the culture or people.
              The other way (U.S.A), I could describe a street in any small city, I know about the geography, I know cities, a bit about politics, I can name several former presidents in a correct order and so on, and so on.
              In Russia, I mostly know of Moscow and Murmansk.
              So your story might be an eye opener to many of us who never had the interest enough to check out Russia even on Google Earth.
              (But they kind of did it to themselves, closing themselves in like they have done for decades, specially in the time of being Sovjet Union)

            Thank you, Sterkoder, for the message of Black Watch in the harbour. Unfortunately she has left already. But i am sure there will be a day, when you have your Pentax and can freeze such a moment.
            Lofoten '07 ...... Nordnorge '11