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Giving the iPhone a Run for Its Money

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    Giving the iPhone a Run for Its Money

    Giving the iPhone a Run for Its Money

    There's a two-foot-by-two-foot area near the foot of my bed that I call "the Bermuda triangle." It's the only spot in my entire Manhattan apartment where I get service on my iPhone 3G. And even there, the line is crackly and the call usually drops within five minutes.

    It's frustrating that I pay $100 a month for my requisite AT&T (NYSE: T - News) wireless plan when my iPhone has essentially become a pricey iPod that I use to send text messages. And I'm not alone: Cities like New York and San Francisco are swarming with iPhone users who can't get a signal.

    >> The whole story in this article:
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    AJ will be eligible for a new phone in August, and I think he's getting a 'droid, as we are n verizon.......

    You haven't reported in on how you like YOUR iphone, Captain...although I know you are using the "Facebook for iphone" application.....