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ÖSlJ - the museum railway Mariefred-Läggesta-Taxinge

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    Thank you both for your comments. I guess that these pictures after all adds some additional aspects to the "story".


      Dear Tommi,

      You have an increadible nice way of reporting from events! I'm really impressed with the quality of your images and I clearly see that I have lots to learn from your reports.

      The shots and motifs you have chosen is really great - and it is really hard to pick a favorite. I think in total, that you have captured the essence of the event with great professionalism!
      With best regards from Jan-Olav Storli

      Administrator and Owner of CaptainsVoyage.
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        And the calendar shows september once more, and it's time for the yearly "Day of the steam railway". There was absolutely nothing new to view. We took 5-6 train rides during the evening when the darkness fell.

        Garpen is actually a electric locomotive, used at the station to move wagons.

        The diesel-here, the Gaivoron worked actually the whole day without problems.


        Evening sun.

        Incoming double locomotives.



          And there might be lights.

          Next train soon to leave. Tickets sold at Statoil?

          Wonder which signal buttons are the most used ones?

          The portrait of the day.

          Wireless telephony?

          More telephone details.

          A classic Tommi diagonal composition showing something very common and casual.

          And a variety with a few more details.



            Breaking the "never use your camera against the sun, the light will look ugly"-rule.

            And once more.

            And even a third time!
            BTW, I feel that we are using smilies a lot seldom than in those old times at CVF?



              The engineers are ready.







                The sun is setting.

                More details.

                And even more.

                And a few more.

                Portrait of the "nine".



                  Workshop corners.

                  A new wagon is being built. The railway have identified a problem that the wagons will actually receive so much tear and wear during the years that new ones in a traditional style have to be built before the original ones falls apart.

                  Very nice craftmanship.

                  More projects.


                  Just in simplicity.





                    This summers negative surprise, another kettle breakdown.

                    No one seemed to know the story behind this plate.



                      Time to add some light.


                      Traces of glowing soot in the air.



                        And in the end of the day the trains are parked.

                        When getting back home I got some good ideas to the next years venue, be back soon in this thread!


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                          I especially like # 70/5 - the car on wheels! Great pictures!

                        Quote: "There was absolutely nothing new to view."

                        Tommi, it is a historic railway. You will hardly find any new things there. And i love this report. It is new to me each year. And i am totally in love with the Volvo, too!
                        Lofoten '07 ...... Nordnorge '11


                          Very interresting report and, as usual, nice shots Tommi.
                          Love the tools ones.


                            It's time for the usual vacation & summertime installment of this thread:
                            103A1019 by Tommi Rotonen, on Flickr

                            103A1027 by Tommi Rotonen, on Flickr
                            Did some nice portraits.

                            103A1029 by Tommi Rotonen, on Flickr

                            103A1033 by Tommi Rotonen, on Flickr

                            103A1041 by Tommi Rotonen, on Flickr
                            The younger generation is needed to secure the future.


                              103A1049 by Tommi Rotonen, on Flickr
                              Who's going where?

                              103A1059 by Tommi Rotonen, on Flickr

                              103A1069 by Tommi Rotonen, on Flickr

                              103A1082 by Tommi Rotonen, on Flickr

                              103A1086 by Tommi Rotonen, on Flickr

                              103A1104 by Tommi Rotonen, on Flickr
                              Some wide angle mania.