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ÖSlJ - the museum railway Mariefred-Läggesta-Taxinge

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    Tools for all uses.

    Locomotives in different stages of repair or restauration.

    Please use eye-protection.


      Previously in this thread we discussed the refurbished boiler to the locomotive "Virå".

      We also found a link leading almost to Mark's backyard, since this boiler was refurbished by Colin Hatch Heritage & Steam Engineers in Wiltshire. But actually, there's another CVF connection.

      Nice piece of art?

      See that metal placard on the top of the boiler?

      It says manufactured by "Ørens Mekaniske Verksted" 1939 in Trondhjem!


        Great photos Tommi. The lighting really adds to the atmosphere - feels almost 'homely' within the workshop.



        • Tommi
          Tommi commented
          Editing a comment
          I'm pretty sure that they would welcome a signal expert anytime! :-)

        Lovely to see these out-of-season activities Tommi. Yes, ‘homely’ is the word as Mark says –with that tomato soup can the finishing touch!


          A friend of mine made a small movie from the "Day of the Steam" / "Ångans dag" held last Saturday. I have some photos too to edit, but times a bit short for the moment.

          If you watch carefully you can actually see me passing by in one of the open wagons.


            Here goes the photos from "The day of the steam".

            S/S Robert and S/S Ejdern outbound to meet S/S Mariefred.

            The locomotive Hamra waiting to proceed to the harbor.

            The Virå, you know the locomotive with the Trondheim built boiler that was refurbished in UK is finally operational again. Pretty aye?

            Oil is needed.



              My friend Peter is filming some of the footage that can be seen in a previous post.

              S/S Ejdern is approaching.

              This year she just bumped into the quay, instead of crashing as she did in 2013...


              Small vs big.
              You realize that there ain't too much variation from year to year in this event?



                The marching band of the Swedish railroad museum welcomes all visitors.

                The younger generation seems a bit skeptical.

                S/S Robert is always the last boat.

                Happy faces.



                  Re-caption of the Ejder navigational lights.

                  The bow of the S/S Mariefred.



                    Hamra is waiting to bring some passengers to the main rail road station.



                      Water is needed for operation.

                      Tracks of the train, or simply train tracks.

                      We're waiting for incoming, locomotive Emsfors.

                      The day was a great success for the railway, occasionally all wagons and seats were in use!

                      Ready to leave.

                      This stretch is actually a quite short one.



                        Signals to be changed before departure.

                        A meeting.

                        Another meeting.

                        KM Nelsson.

                        Collectibles for sale.



                          Lots of stuff going on at the town square of Mariefred.

                          The well known Duck-island.

                          Not too many ducks around. Soon celebrating 10 years.


                            Beautiful report. Even, if the day is similar from year to year, i have no problem to enjoy these pictures again and again, and at least your motifs are changing.
                            Waether was much better this year and we didn't know the blonde conductor girl yet. Thank you for introducing...
                            Lofoten '07 ...... Nordnorge '11


                              More wonderful Swedish summer delights! As Ralf says we simply always want more and more of these Mariefred pleasures, both on rail and water.

                              The Virå is my personal favourite locomotive this time. Photographically I like the two portraits of your video friend in #52. Then up comes a pakarang view of Ejdern …but wait …here come Robert. Impossible to have a favourite in this category, and even when it comes to maritime details there are navigation light, flags, and the S/S Mariefred’s bow competing for my attention. On the train, I'm very much attracted by the lines disappearing into the trees in #57/2 and 3.

                              (Anyway, I am not at all convinced by the Duck Island ...surely this must actually be Sea-Troll’s Sommar Stuga and Troll Island hide-away! )