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    Tommi! You've excelled yourself AGAIN! Impressive stage photography ...and clever captions.


    • Tommi
      Tommi commented
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      I have a feeling of that the appearance of the pictures might be better than the play itself...

    Seems like I have not been too active with the camera lately. It was one month from one play to another, and basically no other pictures taken between them...

    This time an imperpratation of "Alice in wonderland".






          Last night I returned to my old home village Hälleforsnäs to see some theater, and take pictures.
          103A1393 by Tommi Rotonen, on Flickr

          The play is a re-write of Nikolaj Gogol's "The government inspector".

          103A1419 by Tommi Rotonen, on Flickr

          103A1423 by Tommi Rotonen, on Flickr

          103A1501 by Tommi Rotonen, on Flickr
          With some addition of modern music.

          103A1534 by Tommi Rotonen, on Flickr


            103A1536 by Tommi Rotonen, on Flickr

            103A1543 by Tommi Rotonen, on Flickr
            Blue seems to be a tricky color to handle.

            103A1547 by Tommi Rotonen, on Flickr

            103A1555 by Tommi Rotonen, on Flickr

            103A1569 by Tommi Rotonen, on Flickr

            103A1579 by Tommi Rotonen, on Flickr


              The theatre is performed in a qiant 4000 square meter coal shed from the time when there was a iron moulding industry here 1659-1997.

              103A1587 by Tommi Rotonen, on Flickr

              103A1591 by Tommi Rotonen, on Flickr
              You can easily see the giant roof height in this picture.


                Let's see, the calendar says mid-December, it should be Lucia-time in Sweden:

                Yes, there's the Lucia.

                The actual celebration is tomorrow, the 13th, I quite don't know why the event was today (12th).



                  Now watch that candle...


                    Absolutely awesome shots, Tommi. Well done at capturing the atmosphere and mood.
                    With best regards from Jan-Olav Storli

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                      Great photos Tommi.

                      Santa Lucia - yes, well let me think - ah, yes - I remember. Patron saint of insurance underwriters and Fire Brigades.

                      Mrs PoloUK made Lussekatter yesterday, one of the best bits of the pre-Christmas routine.





                      • Tommi
                        Tommi commented
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                        Lussekatter, you don't know that you're missing them before you get them. Some nice break in the middle of December. Give me some buns!

                      Great photography, Tommi. I look up to photographers who know what they are doing and know their equipment indoors and in conditions where their models/motifs are moving.
                      And as for Lussekatter..., my better half and our daughter are in the kitchen right now, making them. And I've brewed coffee ;-)
                      "IF GOD COULD MAKE ANGELS...., WHY IN HELL MAKE MAN?"


                        Quite a lot of photos have been taken lately,
                        here's an update from Strängnäsrevyn:

                        Just in case you wonder,

                        these pictures were taken during the general rehearsal.

                        I'm happy to not be the sound engineer this year (even is it was close!)


                          Elvis look-a-like doing some Elvis sound-a-likes.

                          I'm very pleased with the outcome of the pictures.

                          This is the result of a incorrect exposure, not saying that it would have been easy to make a good exposure, but the quality suffers in the editing.