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    This thread hasn't fared too good lately, so I'll post this picture of a so called "flatted factory" in Singapore:

    What is so special with this unremarkable building??
    The number of A/C units hang on the walls is what. I have never seen anything more "disfiguring" then this.


    • pakarang
      pakarang commented
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      WAOW... that is a LOT of AC units!

    Is it a divine sign, "the flaming bush"?:

    Or an attempt at parting Borgundfjorden?:


      Weird effect, isn't it?

      "To thine own self be true.......
      Thou canst not then be false to any man."


        Scary plants seams to be everywhere:

        What do YOU see here?? Use your imagination.


        • nari
          nari commented
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          A rather distorted beastie with a pronounced spikey thing on his nose, a long mouth half open, at least four rather undeveloped hairy arms. perhaps looking for something tasty in the house to eat.
          Oh and Ombugge, while you're here - how do you pronounce your name?

        • wherrygirl
          wherrygirl commented
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          Oh, nari, your question made me laugh. I say it to myself with the "u" like the "oo" in book. Otherwise it's not exactly complimentary whether or not you pronounce the final "e"!
          And Ombugge, knowing how terrified I was of that great tree visible from your one-time Singapore home, I think you are out to do it again, aren't you? I think he's just shot up from behind the hedge, roaring with laughter and dangling something (probably nasty) to drop on me. He's only a youngster and waiting for his two/three wings to develop fully so that he can chase me all the way down the page.

        It's still there:


          Even more scary as darkness engulfs the entire Kingdom during these darker days.
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