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    Last June we did a cruise aboard the Anton Tchekhov from Saint Petersbourg to Moskow.
    Here are some photos taken during this this trip.
    We spent two full days in Saint Petersbourg before reaching the ship, not enough to discover this beautiful city but OK for a first approach.

    Saint Sauveur sur le sang versé cathedral.

    Pierre-et-Paul fortress

    Nevski pospekt

    Along the canals

    Post soviets humour.

    Famous russian puppets

    Street restaurant

    When visiting a palace you have to preserve the wooden floor

    But, before you have to queue!


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      Ah, #2/4, this is known as "Swedish safety boots" in the oil industry. (At least the Norwegian one)

    Our ship Anton Tchekhov.
    Don't know for this one but a lot of these cruise ships were built in the former DDR (east Germany) in the 70's and recently refurbished.

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      Promising start. I have to show #2/4 (the last one) to Regine. She is always trying to convince me to a trip to St.Petersburg and i don't want - out of this reason...
      Lofoten '07 ...... Nordnorge '11


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        Regine is right Ralf. St Perersbourg is a place to go...but in my opinion, not during this period (mid June) because it is that they call the "white nights" so there are an increase of tourists both Russians and foreigners. If I return it would be in May with an accomodation in the city center. But I insist: it's a very nice town with a rich culture.

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        At the same time i posted, your next post came. Your ship was built in Austria and was the most comfortable Russian river cruiser at that time (1978).


      Leaving St Petersbourg, we came up river Neva as far as the fortress of Schlusselbourg, then we entered in lake Ladoga, largest european one.

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        What an amazing cruise!

        I'll be looking forward to see all the things you enjoyed on this particular journey.

        Saint Petersburg is a very fascinating place, and I'm both lucky and honoured to having had the opportunity to visit many times - even back when it was Leningrad too!
        With best regards from Jan-Olav Storli

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          Along the Svir river between lakes Ladoga and Onega.


            The whole country is covered with large forrest, so the wooden industry is one of the main activity in the area. We crossed a lot of boats loaded with logs.


              Early in the Morning we had a call at the island of Kiji on lake Onega. The "parish close" is on the UNESCO list and its churches are built with tiles made with birch and aspen. The aspen ones have a silver colour since they are new but will change to the black in the future.


                The icons Inside the Church.


                  During this voyage, the ship must take many locks.


                    A call at Ouglish, a pretty little city on the Volga.