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Trip to Lot and Aveyron (south west France)

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    Trip to Lot and Aveyron (south west France)

    In June I went to Quercy in the South west of France.The main goal was to visit the museum Pierre Soulages one of my favorite painter.So I first spent few days in Rodez.

    The cathedral.

    The museum outside and Inside

    ​NB Soulages works mainly with black color that he calls "outrenoir".

    Inside the museum you can see the studies Soulages made for the stain glasses of the basilica of Conques.Here is an interresting link:


      If I am reaslistic and materialist in social and political affairs (we don't live in Disney world) I am deeply concerned by the spiritual side of life.
      ​Then Conques being a hight place of spirituality (located on the track of Compostelle pilgrimage), it was a delight to be there.


        Inside the Church.Roman sculpture and Soulages' stain glass.

        As seen from the gallery

        Views of the village


          A walk around Faycelles on the Compostelle track


            My home place for five days


              Along the river Lot.

              Saint Cirq Lapopie.


                Until the XXth century the river Lot was a very busy road for commerce.Nowadays the traffic is mostly touristic and the towpath an opportunity for walkers.
                In a part of it the cliff was sculpted with mineral designs


                  Last stop Peyrusse Le Roc
                  ​Medieval ruins


                  Full tank!

                  That's all.....


                    What a delightful trip you had Yves. Not only a region of France I know very little about, but also an artist I had not heard of. I was fascinated to see his sketches, thought processes really, that provide such insight and drew me into his world. And then I scrolled down and saw your photo of the basilica at Conques! I suppose I had somehow not expected the windows to be so strikingly visible fron the outside, and their appropriateness in the stone and almost fortress-like solidity of the building is genius. Stepping inside with you (#4/2) my next gasp was on seeing the unexpected height and verticality of the nave.

                    The green landscape of the walk looks inviting, and how attractive those golden-brown doors of that cosy home and its garden.
                    After that I'm not sure which I'm liking the most - the sight of all that limestone, or your glass of Chateau Lamartine! Isn’t it mainly malbec, Yves, perhaps blended with other varieties?


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                      Glad you enjoyed Soulages and Conques Cecilia.
                      As for château Lamartine, yes it's pure malbec though usually the wine of Cahors is a blend of malbec, merlot and tannat.In the old days it was called "black wine" by English see,another link to Soulages.

                    I am also very exited about your trip, since the Lot is also offerening opportunities for a houseboat holiday. So i was sometimes surfing in the net looking for some information about this area.
                    The disadvantage is, beside the big distance from Germany, that the boating area on the river is only 50km long, so for me far to less for a week of houseboating. But your pictures are very interesting. Maybe i should think again about it?
                    Lofoten '07 ...... Nordnorge '11


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                      During my walk along the towpath I helped a german couple at a lock.It was their first experience of houseboating and they were enthousiastic. The main attraction is to navigate between the cliffs dug by river Lot.

                    Thank you so much for your wonderful trip report!

                    Makes me want to go travelling again, and learn new things.
                    With best regards from Jan-Olav Storli

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